Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange you glad!

This week's challenge: Orange you glad it's photo challenge time! Orange is not one the colors I usually snap at.  But I still have a few (old) pics' that I like with that color around.  The beach and butterfly were found in Costa Rica, the burning candles in Mexico, autumn leaves in UK, a stunning [...]

Fav’s of 2010

Fav’s of 2010

It all truly began with this world trip. Here comes my favorite shots of each of the 17 countries I visited then.  Don't forget to visit the related pages to learn more about the wonderland I had the chance to step into at the time.  It is the very same I keep discovering more every [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge : In the background

This week's challenge : In the background Still unable to take new pictures, I rummaged once more among the archives and remembered one of my favorite pictures : in Luang Prabang, Laos, I tried many times to have a good shot of monks roaming the city in their colorful clothes.  That day, my camera was [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge : Home

This week challenge : Home. Still without a camera, I have to rummage through my archives to find something that can best represent "home."  Many pictures came to mind, one stood out.  2010, Luang Prabang, Laos : I'm walking around the temples and wonder at the feeling of peace emanating from every corner of the [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge : Green

This week Challenge : Green First image is a favorite a friend of mine took (didn't steal it, photo credit to her on the picture and its title...  I wanted to share it as I truly enjoy it!) of Raul making his famous guacamole; next five were taken this year or last in Mexico, cooking [...]