#30díasdeclicks – Week 2

Second week of Paco Suaste's photo challenge on Facebook, #30díasdeclicks.  It's been fun to look through my recent and not-so-recent archives to find the most suited pictures to the day's themes.  I hope you enjoy my ideas. Check out #30díasdeclicks on Facebook! [Es]  Es la segunda semana del reto foto de Paco Suaste, #30díasdeclicks on [...]

Our Friends’ Real Life Adventure Book is Released! Get it now!

(scroll down for the english version - vean al pie de página para la versión en español) Forcément, j'adore: Amélie & Marion sont nos amies.  En grande fan de voyage, je trouve le leur absolument fabuleux et j'ai déjà du mal à le lâcher, puisqu'il me rappelle aussi un peu du mien.  Je les ai [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV

This week's challenge: ROY G. BIV (or Red.Orange.Yellow.Green.Blue.Indigo.Violet). My favorite rainbow picture, in Iguazu Falls, Argentina. or Red.Orange.Yellow.Green.Blue.Indigo.Violet ... featuring: Red of Burgandy (a story to read soon) Orange in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay Yellow in Atacama desert, Chile Green at Multnomah Falls, OR, USA Blue in San Blas islands, Panama Indigo in the Galapagos [...]

«Portraits 2013 – 2015» is on!

All of you, whom we met on the road and shared a great time with, should be on the "Portraits" page, that was just released on the blog (or the previous one, featuring everyone between 2009 and 2013)! Find your photo and share with everyone else the story behind it! (or send me the picture [...]

« Fav’s of 2014 » are On!

« Fav’s of 2014 » are On!

As 2015 unfolds slowly before us, it is also pretty good to remember that fabulous 2014 and our best shots of the year.  Don't forget to click on that "Forever Favorites" tab in the headbar and check out our Fav's of 2014! Thank You 2014 for all the wonders we lived!  May 2015 be as bountiful! [...]