Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV

This week’s challenge: ROY G. BIV (or Red.Orange.Yellow.Green.Blue.Indigo.Violet).

Iguazu Falls, ArgentinaMy favorite rainbow picture, in Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

or Red.Orange.Yellow.Green.Blue.Indigo.Violet … featuring:

Créancey, FranceRed of Burgandy (a story to read soon)

Colonia del Sacramento, UruguayOrange in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Licancabur Volcano, San Pedro de Atacama, ChileYellow in Atacama desert, Chile

Multnomah Falls, OR, USAGreen at Multnomah Falls, OR, USA

San Blas islands, PanamaBlue in San Blas islands, Panama

Galapagos islands, EcuadorIndigo in the Galapagos islands, Ecuador

lavender field, FranceViolet in Provence, France

Inspired by the Dailypost page.

Have yourself as colorful a weekend!

39 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV

    1. Thank you, Marie! It’s one of those pictures that just makes one smile. It does that to me too and did so as soon as I took it.
      Thanks for stopping by…
      (still trying to find out what is my muse exactly…)

  1. Stunning pics Juls, my favourite is the blue on the Panama beach. I still use the mnemonic Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain to remember the colours in correct order 🙂

  2. de belles photos pour une méditation « chakras » toute en couleurs et donc une belle séance détente !
    bisous plein

  3. Mon dieu! They are all stunning. Wow!!! My biggest compliment. The rainbow, the beach, the sunset, the corn… you captured those atmospheres perfectly.


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