Photo of the Month: A Long Awaited Meeting

(scroll down for the english version - vean al pie de página para la versión en español) Une fois n'est pas coutume sur la blogosphère, je me suis retrouvée à lire un blog qui allait devenir un de mes préférés.  Écrivain indépendant, inspirée, souriante, joyeuse, enthousiaste de la vie et de yoga, Britt Skrabanek en [...]

Dear America, I will Love You More

I can not believe what happened last night.  I can not believe that half the people of America belittle themselves so much as to think they deserve such a person to represent them and be their President.  What, dear friends, and who, made you believe you were not entitled to better?  What, dearest women, and [...]

#30díasdeclicks – Week 1

Because I enjoyed it so much last year, I take part in Paco Suaste photo challenge on Facebook once more.  It's called #30díasdeclicks, meaning 30 pictures for 30 days.  Subjects were given in advance so we could take pictures along the way or find them in our archives. Anyone can play; you're welcome to join [...]

Discover Challenge: Learning

Learning how to keep a headstand straight up during yoga class...  back in Seattle, Washington State, USA - October 2013. With the rumble of Paris, I gave up exercise by sheer lack of time; for 2 weeks now, I've started to concentrate on yoga again and reacquiring those skills are high on my list. Inspired [...]

Discover Nightswapping, a new way of Travelling

(scroll down for the english version - vean al pie de página para la versión en español) Au début de l'année, je suis tombée sur un nouveau site de voyage.  Il a immédiatement attiré mon attention pour plusieurs raisons: il s'agit d'accueillir des voyageurs il s'agit d'échanger des expériences on ne parle PAS d'argent il [...]