#30díasdeclicks – Week 1

Because I enjoyed it so much last year, I take part in Paco Suaste photo challenge on Facebook once more.  It's called #30díasdeclicks, meaning 30 pictures for 30 days.  Subjects were given in advance so we could take pictures along the way or find them in our archives. Anyone can play; you're welcome to join [...]

Fav’s of 2013

Fav’s of 2013

2013 was exquisite, intense, full of fabulous moments with family and friends, new discoveries  in Mexico, Belize, France, the USA and Chile.  There's so much to tell yet... And because it's so good to remember good times, I wanted to share with you my favorite pictures - aka. favorite moments - of the year. Building [...]

More that meets the eye…

(vean al pie de página para la versión en español - voyez plus bas pour la version en français) I spent my last few days in Missoula under the signs of Art and Friendship after having celebrated my birthday at home with family and friends.  Thus, I can recommend a few places for you to [...]

Hiking Around vs. Government Shutdown

(veal al pie de págnia para la versión en español - scroll down for the english version) Quand le gouvernement américain s'arrête, incapable de voter son budget annuel, et que tout ce qui est financé par lui se voit en devoir d'arrêter ses activités, les parcs nationaux américains, quelques uns des lieux les plus visités [...]

Missoula Worldwide Photo Walk Meetup

(scroll down for the english version - voyez plus bas pour la version française) A penas llegué en Missoula, en el estado de Montana en EE.UU., al inicio de Octubre, me inscribí al grupo Western Montana Photography en la página de Meet Ups - una página web que permite encuentros alrededor de una gran variedad [...]