#30díasdeclicks – Week 1

Because I enjoyed it so much last year, I take part in Paco Suaste photo challenge on Facebook once more.  It's called #30díasdeclicks, meaning 30 pictures for 30 days.  Subjects were given in advance so we could take pictures along the way or find them in our archives. Anyone can play; you're welcome to join [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge : Life imitates Art

When Raul is inspired by what he sees around him...  On top of the Rockefeller Center, NYC, USA. Inspired by the Dailypost page. Enjoy the Day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: (No) Boundaries

This week's challenge: Boundaries. I can find no boundaries photos in the whole lot I have; none whatsoever, either litteraly, metaphorically or any other way.  So I've decided to show you a no-boundary photo.  Taken on Top of the Rock, New York City, USA, almost 1 year ago to the day. More about New York [...]

«Portraits 2013 – 2015» is on!

All of you, whom we met on the road and shared a great time with, should be on the "Portraits" page, that was just released on the blog (or the previous one, featuring everyone between 2009 and 2013)! Find your photo and share with everyone else the story behind it! (or send me the picture [...]

Fav’s of 2014

Fav’s of 2014

It's that time of the year again, looking back at what an incredible time we had all along 2014 and sharing the best of it all, because it's always so good to fondle good memories...  Remember that, this time, Raul and I wandered South America for 9 months before coming back to Europe after a [...]