Rêves à réaliser

Holbox island, Mexico


In North America :


– Discover Alaska.

Hike some Fourteeners, Colorado.  √ (done : october 2013)

– Go back and hike more Fourteeners, Colorado.

– Drive across the country on route 66 in a pink cadillac.

– Bungee-jumping from Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado.

– Raft Colorado River in Grand Canyon and around.

– Wander the streets of New Orleans and listen to jazz, back in time.

Discover the West Coast.  √ (partly done: october 2013, november 2013)

– Discover Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.  √ (partly done: november 2013)

– Climb Mt. Washington, highest peak in northeastern US.

– Hike the Pacific Crest Trail, in zero waste mode.

* Canada

– Discover Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

– Ski in British Columbia.

* Mexico

Dive Cozumel island reefs again and again.  √ (done : july 2012; december 2012; may 2013)

– Hike Pico de Orisaba and Iztacihuatl, highest and third-highest peaks.

– Hike Sierra de Órganos in Zacatecas.

– Take a trek up to the lagunes in Nevado de Toluca crater in Mexico state.

– Wander and wonder into the Valle de los Cirios, in Baja California.

– Dive Banco Chinchorro, across Mahahual, Quintana Roo.

– Sail to Rasa and Shark islands, Cortez Sea.

– Rappel down the Sótano de las Golondrinas and take a boat trip to Tamúl Falls, San Luis Potosí.

– Hike Paricutín volcano in Michoacán.

Bathe into the natural hot pools of Hierve El Agua in Oaxaca. √ (done: october 2018)

– Walk around El Pinacate craters in Sonora.

– Marvel in front of the basalt prisms in Hidalgo.

– Discover the Crystal Cave in Chihuahua.

– Walk around the Sima de las Cotorras in Chiapas.

Dive some sinkholes in Yucatan peninsula.  √ (started to: august 2015)


In the Caribbean :

* Cayman Islands

– Go diving!

* Aruba

– Watch the sunsets and relax on the beach

* Cuba √ (done: november 2016)


In Central America :

* Guatemala

Hike Tajamulco Volcano, highest peak in Central America. √  (done: november 2018)

Climb Acatenengo and Fuego volcanoes. √  (done: november 2018)

– Wander El Mirador ruins.

* Belize

Dive the Great Blue Hole.  √  (done : march 2013)

* Costa Rica

– Dive Coco Island

* Panama

– Dive in Boca del Toro

Dream in San Blas islands √ (done : september 2014)


In South America :

* Colombia

Hike to the Lost City √ (done : september 2014)

Discover the country √ (partly done : september 2014)

* Ecuador

– Dive and volunteer in Galapagos Islands √ (visited in August 2014)

* Peru

Go back to Machu Picchu via one of the 5-day-treks √ (went back in August 2014)

– Hike the Cordillera Blanca

* Chile

Admire the Moais and dive on Rapa Nui, Easter Island.  √  (done : may 2012)

Climb Villarica Volcano.  √  (done: april 2012)

See Atacama Desert √ (done: july 2014)

Wander the Caretera Austral.  √  (done: december 2013)

– Raft in Futalefú

– Volunteer in the Patagonia National Park and enjoy some time in the middle of nowhere

Come back again to erratic rock, spend another season in beautiful Puerto Natales and hike the whole circuit in Torres del Paine National Park.  √  (did to: january to april 2014)

– Sail on the Navimag from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt.

* Argentina

– Climb Aconcagua, South America highest peak.

* Go to Antartica


In Europe :

* Belgium

See Bruges. √ (done : june 2013)

* Croatia

– Wander the whole country.

* France

– Climb Mont Blanc, highest peak in Europe. √ (almost done: july 2015; june 2017)

– Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc if I can’t climb up.

– Bicycle along the Canal des 2 mers.

– Hike the Via Francigena.

Hike along GR70, Chemin de Stevenson, in the Cévennes region. √ (done: july 2018)

Hike along GR34, Sentier des Douaniers, in Brittany. √ (partly done: august 2018)

Learn skydiving on my own in Corsica with Newton Parachutisme. √ (done: september 2019)

– Hike the GR20 northbound, Corsica.

– Hike the Pyrenees lenght-wise.

* Spain

– Discover Madrid, Seville, Córdoba.

Walk the Camino de Santiago. √ (done: september/october 2016)

– Walk again the Camino de Santiago, from Le Puy en Velay/along the Voie d’Arles + Camino Norte, all the way to Fisterra

* Italy

– Dive San Fruttuoso Bay to see the Christ of the Abyss

– Hike to Cinque Terre

– Visit Les Pouilles region

* Slovenia

– Take a road-trip through the country in a van

* Russia

– See St-Petersburg.

– Visit Iekaterinburg.

– Take the Transiberian Train.

* Iceland

– Hike Búri Cave, Thorlákshöfn

– See Aurora Borealis

– Road-tripping!

* Norway

– Hike to Trolltunga

* Finland

– Spend the summer in a cabin by a lake

* Greenland


In Africa :

* Tanzania

– Climb Kilimanjaro, highest peak in Africa.

* South Africa

– World highest Bungee-jumping, is it there?


In the Middle-East :

* Jordan

– See Petra

– Hike the Jordan trail

* Egypt

– See the Pyramids

– Take a boat trip on the Nile

– Dive the Blue Hole in the Red Sea

* Oman


In Asia :

* India

– Volunteer with Un geste pour un Sourire and the kids of Varanasi.

– Discover the country.

* Nepal

– Trek around Anapurna in October.

– Trek to Everest Base Camp.

– Give a hand to CPP, volunteering in an orphenage.

* Buthan

– Trek around the country

* China

– Trek in Yunan region.

– See the terracota army in Xian.

– Go back to the China Wall and see it in sunshine!

– Hike Mount Tianmenshen in Zhangjiajie.

* Mongolia

– Go back in summertime to see Nadaam Festival.

– Spend 3 weeks horseback-riding the country.

* Thailand

– Go back diving on Ko Phi Phi island.

– Nurse the elephants.

* Myanmar

– Go back trekking or biking around the country

* Indonesia

– Diving!

* Malaysia


In the Pacific :

* Fiji

– Diving!

* Australia

– Dive the Great Barrier Reef.

– Dive and discover the West Coast.

– Discover Tasmania.

To be continued…

20 commentaires sur “Rêves à réaliser

  1. Yessss ! Comptes sur moi pour le GR20 ! On part avec Maïa en Juillet 2022 si t’es chaude…Et pour les autres pays je crois qu’il faut que tu viennes voyager avec ta petite cousine qui a soif d’aventures !!! 😀 ❤

    1. Top, ma cousine ! Je ne sais pas si je serai en état pour le GR20 cette année, peut-être vais-je revoir certains de ces rêves 😅😉 Quoi qu’il en soit, la rando continuera d’être importante pour moi et en faire au moins une avec toi quelque part reste haut sur cette liste car j’adore marcher et prendre ce temps avec toi ! 😘😘
      Pour le reste, voyageons dès qu’on peut, ma jolie !

  2. Non mais j’adore cette liste !!!!!!! J’adore l’item rêve à réaliser ca me donne envie de faire pareil !!!!! Surtout en cette période de chaleur où j’ai rien envie de faire à part rêvasser de voyages ! voici quelques similitudes de rêves que j’ai en commun avec toi :

    – Myanmar : Go back trekking or biking around the country ( celui ci doit se réaliser en 2019 )
    – Jordanie/Egypte/Norvege
    – Guatemala/Costa Rica
    – Alaska/ouest américain

    presque tout quoi LOL

  3. Let me know when you are planning to head to Egypt. A school friend of mine is doing boat tours on Lake Nasser (I think)… will send you contacts. Also: Tasmania is stunning! People often don’t allow enough time to discover it. I bet you wouldn’t make that mistake but still wanted to mention that it’s worth many days! And the Great Barrier Reef… You better hurry up… it’s suffering…

  4. Hola … hey was just scoping out your list and I see the 14er idea on there. I truly hope we can help you check this one off in the fall. I also saw your interest in volunteering at the Patagonia National Park. That is something I have always wanted to do as well. It sounds like an amazing opportunity. Love your list … so many things resonate. Here’s to getting pretty darn close to 100% for both of us. Cheers, Lexi

    1. Yes, I count on you and Pam, as well as another couple of friends who live in or close to Denver to help me check that one off the list (I’ve been reading « Colorado’s Fourteeners » by Gerry Roach and already have checked some « easy » routes to ease me back into hiking and altitude : Evans & Bierstadt, the Lincoln group, Grays & Torreys, Pikes, Longs, … I’m pretty sure that, with a bit of organization, I’d be able to do them in the 9 days I’ll be in Colorado (Sept. 24 to Oct. 4 and then Oct. 18 to 21). As I told Pam, I’d be more than happy and honoured to do them with you girls! 😀
      As for Patagonia, it has a special place in my heart since I lived and worked there last year but all the way south, in Puerto Natales, at the entrance of Torres del Paine Nat. Park. the Patagonia Nat. Park is another one where a friend of mine volunteered and she told me very good things about it, it’s brand new, so there will be plenty of great hiking opportunities… Maybe, I can take you there after the 14ers experience (I’ll go back end of December and the first 4 months of 2014!)
      Cheers to you! and May we all live our Dreams!

      1. Would love to go there but not sure it’s in the cards for this Christmas. Todd and I have a fixer upper house and are having some big work done to fix it up 🙂 Although part of me thinks why spend money on our house when all we want to do is travel anyway. A house can always wait …. right 🙂 Have you written about your Puerto Natales experience? Would love to read about it. Have a great day chica.

        1. well, one always has to set priorities, right?! at least, your house will be nice and comfy when you’re back from your travels! 😉
          all about Puerto Natales in « Patagonia Experience » and the earliest posts about Chile (under « trekking » and/or « Patagonia »). It was such fun!!!

    1. and there’s always something else to add! the more you think about it, the more you want to do! but having the list reminds you of some of your dreams! I’m a fan of following our dreams! I’ll be glad to read yours, it might inspire me for more! 😀

  5. Julie you have inspired me – I need to write a list like this!! – and I intend on doing several things on it with you some time in the not too distant future 🙂

    1. Pretty sure I can add more and more stuff as days go by. I only have to make them happen now! 😀 Have you been to any of those places yourself? Which would you recommend? Thanks for sharing!


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