Want to Trek in Patagonia? My How-to Guide is on Intrepid Travel

You're a hiker?  You're a nature lover?  Then, head out to Patagonia, this remote and faraway land shared between southern Chile and Argentina.  There, you will learn how to roam the most pristine trails, your mind blown away by some of the most gorgeous landscapes on earth. Be prepared for trekking in Patagonia with a [...]

Ushuaia-bound? My Go-to Guide is on Intrepid Travel

Your wanderlust is kicking in and you're travelling to Argentina soon?  Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city, definitely should be on your list.  It might be at the end of the world, literrally, but it's a fantastic stop to make. I recently put together this little go-to guide for Intrepid Travel - my first contribution for [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

Recoleta Cemetery after the rain, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014). Inspired by the Dailypost page. Enjoy the day! Other posts on Argentina, here.

#30díasdeclicks – Week 1

Because I enjoyed it so much last year, I take part in Paco Suaste photo challenge on Facebook once more.  It's called #30díasdeclicks, meaning 30 pictures for 30 days.  Subjects were given in advance so we could take pictures along the way or find them in our archives. Anyone can play; you're welcome to join [...]

Our Friends’ Real Life Adventure Book is Released! Get it now!

(scroll down for the english version - vean al pie de página para la versión en español) Forcément, j'adore: Amélie & Marion sont nos amies.  En grande fan de voyage, je trouve le leur absolument fabuleux et j'ai déjà du mal à le lâcher, puisqu'il me rappelle aussi un peu du mien.  Je les ai [...]