Weekly Photo Challenge : Green

This week Challenge : Green

First image is a favorite a friend of mine took (didn’t steal it, photo credit to her on the picture and its title…  I wanted to share it as I truly enjoy it!) of Raul making his famous guacamole; next five were taken this year or last in Mexico, cooking again, visiting some Mayan ruins, downtown Merida; next 7 are from the world trip in 2010, in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Argentina, Costa Rica and Peru; last 2 are my favorite places in New York City.

[Es]  Primera foto es una de mis favoritas una amiga sacó (no la robé, esta acreditada en la foto y en el título… ¡es que me gusta mucho!) de Raul haciendo su famoso guacamole; las 5 siguientes las saqué en México este año o el anterior, cocinando, visitando unas ruinas Mayas, el centro de Mérida; las siguientes 7 son recuerdos de la vuelta del mundo en 2010, en Tailandia, Laos, Vietnam, Argentina, Costa Rica y Perú; las últimas 2 son mis lugares favoritos en Nueva York.

[Fr]  La première photo est l’une de mes préférées prises par une amie (je ne la vole pas, son nom est sur l’image et créditée dans le titre… c’est juste que je l’adore!) de Raul préparant son fameux guacamole; j’ai pris les 5 suivantes au Mexique cette année ou l’an dernier, dans la cuisine, en visitant les ruines Mayas, dans le centre historique de Mérida; les 7 suivantes sont des souvenirs du tour du monde en 2010, en Thaïlande, au Laos, au Vietnam, en Argentine, au Costa Rica et au Pérou; les 2 dernières, mes endroits préférés à New York.

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… were amongst the first ones to share their pick and I truly enjoyed their choice!  Check out for more on the DailyPost !

Have a colorful week-end!

41 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : Green

  1. a beautiful collection of greens. that first image is very compelling, but all of them are beautiful in their own right. thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. My favorite too! Unfortunately, not mine… a great inspiration my friend gave me here, of my boyfriend’s hands chopping one of the hottest chiles in Mexico he loves having in his guacamole!
      Because it’s my favorite, I’m happy you like it too. 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Gorgeous photo montage of green images!!!! Your photography is amazing. Thanks for commenting on mine … which seem almost ridiculous in comparison to your beautiful shots. Keep up the great work. We all appreciate it 🙂

    1. Thanks Lexi! when we have the gallery opportunity for a challenge, I always get « a little » carried away (e.g. the one on « Happy »)… Some people, like you, can show a lot in a few shots, which I also appreciate. 😉 Let’s continue sharing, for sure, that’s how we’ll learn! Thanks for stopping by again. 😀

  3. Nothing was ever so green as a rice paddy!
    Even though all of your photos are super in different ways, the photo of La Boca, Argentina, hits straight to my heart. It’s what I wanted to achieve in still life painting, and it’s just the kind of colors and sights my eyes miss so much in pastel, complicated New England.

    1. How could a rice paddy be any other color but green, right?!? But that window in La Boca was screaming green and I liked the contrast with its surroundings. I’m happy you liked it. I’m pretty sure you’ll realize a great composition if you ever decide to paint it. Will I be first to see the results?! 😉

  4. I do blieve that this is overall the best entry yet this week… Thank you for the wide variety of pleasing pics! (And yes, that first pic of the cooking by Audrey did catch my eye straight away).


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