Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections / Street Life / Threshold

Ah, one can’t do everything at the same time, can they?  Go to the world’s southernmost city for a few days to visit friends AND take part in the Photo Challenges…  I’ve taken sides for a while but I’m now catching up on the last 2 weeks’ themes and posting for today’s.  I hope you’ll enjoy…

[Fr]  Ah, on peut pas tout faire en même temps: partir en petite escapade dans la ville la plus australe du monde quelques jours pour retrouver des copains ET participer aux Photo Challenges…  J’ai choisi pendant un temps, mais je me rattrape aujourd’hui pour les 2 thèmes précédents ainsi que celui du jour.  J’espère que vous aimerez…

[Es]  Ah, no se puede hacer todo al mismo tiempo: irse de paseo en la ciudad más austral del mundo a visitar a amigos Y participar en los Retos de Fotos…  Escogí por unos días pero hoy lo compenso y les doy mi interpretación de los temas de las 2 semanas anteriores así como la del de hoy.  Espero que les gusté…


Everglades ride, Miami, FL, USA

The bright blue sky over the Everglades of Florida, USA, during an air-boat ride.

You can also review some of my previous Reflections in NYC, USA, in Chilean Patagonia and in central Chile.

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STREET LIFE – WPC 28/03/14

naked cowboy Jul

Sexy encounter with the Naked Cowboy of Broadway, NYC, USA, in 2009 with my friend Mélanie!

You can also review some of my recent essays at street photography in Chicago, IL, and in New York City, NY, USA.  Please, tell me what you think.

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THRESHOLD – WPC 04/04/14

ex-Presidio sign, Ushuaia, Argentina

Signpost found while visiting the former prison in Ushuaia, Argentina.  A threshold not to be crossed lightly…

More thresholds directly on the Dailypost page.

Enjoy this new beautiful week-end! 

22 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections / Street Life / Threshold

    1. hahahaha Priscilla, you got that right! but he walks around Broadway in his Tidy Whities in August (time of the picture) as well as in November (last time I saw him, I was wearing a bunch of layers!)

  1. Nice interpretation of the Threshold theme! And the Street Life theme. And the Reflections Theme. Wow! That’s some sign! It’s funny it would be in English rather than in Spanish. You say it’s abandoned. I wonder if they’d still shoot you.

    As for me, I was out looking for photographs reflecting the Halloween theme last October and came across this interesting Threshold. You’re welcome to come and see what my take on this week’s theme is:

    1. Thank you, Cris! I was hoping to make everybody smile with that last sign… The prison is now a museum, they wouldn’t shoot anymore… Did they translate the spanish sign into english for the tourists? I have no idea but it sure made me laugh!

      Thanks also for bringing to my knowledge your own entry; another sign with an interesting capture and surely quite an interesting story behind it…

      1. 🙂 Thanks for the info. You’re quite accomplished in languages. I’m impressed. The only languages I know are English and profanity. Although I have taken French in high school and college, I was never able to speak it because I had to interpret every word as it was spoken. I was never able to think in it. I love the French language.

        1. thank you again, Cris. we are lucky to learn many languages at school in France; I’m even luckier to have been able to practice them better and longer and to be able to use them in my job as an interpreter/translator and in my daily travels.

          I sometimes even feel more comfortable in another language than my own…


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