Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected

This week’s challenge : Unexpected.

As I was walking through Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NYC, 2 days ago, I stumbled upon this young lady propping the bridge with flowers to surprise her date with an unexpected proposal…  Her date actually fainted from the surprise! (but I didn’t get a picture of that, I was too surprised myself!)

[Fr]  Alors que je me promenais dans Prospect Park à Brooklyn, NYC, avant-hier, je suis tombée sur cette jeune fille qui voulait surprendre sa copine en lui faisant sa demande sur un pont couvert de fleurs…  Ça a marché, elle en est tombée dans les pommes!  (mais je n’ai pas pris de photo à ce moment-là, j’étais trop surprise moi-même!)

[Es]  Mientras paseaba en Prospect Park en Brooklyn, NYC, anteayer, ví a esa chica que estaba preparando un puente con flores para sorprender a su novia con una propuesta inesperada…  Se desmayó cuando llegó, ¡de verdad!  (pero de eso no saque fotos porque ¡estaba yo demasiado sorprendida!)

You can read the end of the story here!  😉

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… More unexpected greatness directly here!

Have a a great week-end full of other surprises!

29 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected

      1. How very nice of you! FYI, check your FB page messages, I sent something about next weekends mountain adventures. I also included my email so we can more easily keep in touch. I can also give you my cell # if you’d like to text or call as we get closer to Saturday. The biggest thing I need to know to plan our hike is the kind of hikers your friends are.

        1. Thanks! (I just saw the mail and sent it directly to my friends so they can realy tell me what they think; I’ll write back ASAP)

          can’t wait to go hiking with you! 😀

    1. Thank you! but the story is not sad at all! 😉 I just didn’t tell it all : after the other girl came to, she said yes and so, I snapped a few more pictures, we exchanged emails and I will send them to them! It actually IS a great Happy Story! 😀


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