Weekly Photo Challenge : My 2012 in Pictures

This week challenge : My 2012 in Pictures!

My life in 2012, between Chile and Mexico.  An amazing year.  😀 May 2013 bring as many beauties to our lives!

January : The trek to the bottom of the World

February : The Southernmost trek on Isla Navarino

March : Discovering Argentinian trekking

April : Fond Memories of 6 months in Puerto Natales, Chile

May : Fooling around in other places in Chile and posts about « Chile »

June : Back to Mexico and all posts about « Mexico »

July : Fooling around in Mexico

August : Lovers’ Lane

September : Celebrating Mexican Independence

October : My birthday away

November : A Special Day of the Dead, Mexican style

December : Sharing Mexico with my mother

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… eveybody else’s year in pictures are to be found on the Daily Post!

Enjoy the celebrations and have a wonderful New Year 2013!

40 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : My 2012 in Pictures

  1. Wonderful pictures in 2012. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  2. Nice selection. By the way, I’m heading to Patagonia in Late January so will be back shortly to check out your posts about that corner of the world. Looking forward! 🙂

    1. Thanks Bob! You can already check my posts about Patagonia in « Patagonia Experience » and most of the post in the « Chile » category. I spent 6 months working and trekking there last year, I loved it! I wish you a wonderful trip over there. I’ll be glad to hear your opinion on this beautiful part of the world!

      Happy New Year!


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