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(scroll down for the english version - vean al pie de página para la versión en español) J'ai découvert la plongée sous-marine avec le plus grand plaisir lors de mon séjour en Thaïlande en 2010.  C'était avec mon frère et des amis, une nouvelle aventure qui m'a ouvert les yeux encore plus grands sur la [...]

Lampposts & Bikes : a series update

La série continue...  Je trouve l'inspiration en renvoyant mes archives et/ou à chaque coin de rue... On goes the show...  Inspired by the archives and/or at every street corner... La serie sigue creciendo...  Se encuentra inspiración repasando mis archivos y/o a cada esquina... Quelle est votre préférée?  -  Which is your favorite?  -  ¿Cuál es su favorita? You might also like : Lampposts [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This week's challenge: Perspective. Playing with perspective in Rapa Nui, Chile, in May 2012.  I spent quite a week on the island then; read it all here. [Es]  Jugando con perspectiva en Rapa Nui, Chile, en Mayo del 2012.  Ahí, me tocó una semana hermosa; el relato se puede leer aqui. [Fr]  Je joue avec [...]

Fav’s of 2012

Fav’s of 2012

In 2012, I spent my life between 2 countries; I worked in Chile and then, I moved to Mexico.  In each country, I kept on discovering more about the local culture, more about trekking and diving, more about myself, more about travels.  Some of you were already there to share some of those incredible moments.  [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge : My 2012 in Pictures

This week challenge : My 2012 in Pictures! My life in 2012, between Chile and Mexico.  An amazing year.  😀 May 2013 bring as many beauties to our lives! January : The trek to the bottom of the World February : The Southernmost trek on Isla Navarino March : Discovering Argentinian trekking April : Fond [...]