Lampposts & Bikes : a series update

La série continue…  Je trouve l’inspiration en renvoyant mes archives et/ou à chaque coin de rue…

On goes the show…  Inspired by the archives and/or at every street corner…

La serie sigue creciendo…  Se encuentra inspiración repasando mis archivos y/o a cada esquina…

Key West, Florida, USAQuelle est votre préférée?  –  Which is your favorite?  –  ¿Cuál es su favorita?

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11 commentaires sur “Lampposts & Bikes : a series update

    1. yeah, right?!? that was an unsanely crazy sight, over there in Australia! I think it’s a seal too… we were in Narooma, southern Oz in June, would that be possible, to your knowledge?

      1. I’m not a marine expert, Julie, but I’m sure it is possible. Narooma is about 350 km south of us,
        in the same state. It is not as far south as Melbourne, let alone Tasmania.

  1. Well, I’m quite a lamp fan and I love the moodiness of the first shot. But I think top vote has to go to the bike with a handy bottle of wine!

    1. I completely agree with you! that bottle of wine on the bike was just the best thing I ever got to see and such a great idea! (specially for a French girl like me!)

      Can’t wait to find more unexpected bikes around the world!


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