Another Year of Love & Happiness Together

Although it's not been easy, what with the distance (one of us being in Mexico and the other in France for most of the year), Love is as strong as ever and fills our hearts with joy.  We're celebrating today our first year as a married happy couple!  Yeah! Cheers to what's coming next! ❤ [...]

« White Dress in Town, » Winter series – #1

I don't know if I'll ever stumble upon another bride in the middle of winter...  Even less so a bride who looks like she doesn't even feel the cold or chill under the subtle rain drops, in the gardens of the Castle in Charmes en l'Angle, France.  But, at least, I got that one.  And [...]

Photo of the Month: My Maid-of-Honor got Married!

We had to be each other's maid-of-honor. Life had been dealing the same cards to each of us in turn; we knew what the other one was going through since both of us fell in love during our travels, of a man from Latin America.  It was meant to be.  So, I said yes when [...]

Special Photo Series to Celebrate a 5-year Anniversary

(scroll down for the english version - voyez plus bas pour la version française) Hace casi 5 años, ese hombre increíble me hospedó en Mérida, México, gracias a la página de Couchsurfing.  Con él y sus amigos, descubrí un poco de las joyas de la Península de Yucatán y seguí mi viaje pensando en lo [...]

« White Dress in town, » Autumn series – One Year Later #3

My favorite of the new series...  In Brooklyn Heights, New York City, NY, USA. Other Wedding Pictures: "White Dress in town," Autumn series - One Year Later #2 "White Dress in Town," Autumn series - One Year Later #1 "White Dress in town," Autumn series - #2 "White Dress in town," Summer series - #3