Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

This week’s challenge: Careful.

Perito Moreno Glaciar, ArgentinaPerito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate, Argentina

Our planet is in danger; we need to be MUCH more CAREFUL about it…

If you get the chance, don’t miss on watching « Ice and the Sky » by Luc Jacquet.  A French movie that was released last week, talking about our planet through the scientist Claude Lorius’ eyes.  He’s been warning governments about climate change for 30 years.  None of them truly do anything about it except sign treaties that they don’t really follow.

WE can do something.

Inspired by the Dailypost page.

Think about it…

[Es]  Nuestro planeta está en peligro; tenemos que CUIDARLO mucho MÁS…

Si pueden, deberían ver « El Hielo y el Cielo » por Luc Jacquet.  Es la películafrancesa que acaba de estrenar en loscines, hablandodelplaneta a través de losojosdel científico Claude Lorius.  Hace 30 años que está avisando a losgobiernosdelpeligro y de la realidaddelcalentamiento global; peroningunohacetanto a parte de firmartratos que ni siquierasiguen o aplican de verdad.

NOSOTROS sí, podemos hacer algo.

Inspirado por el Dailypost page.


[Fr]  Notre planète est en danger; il faut en PRENDRE SOIN bien DAVANTAGE…

Si vous avez l’occasion, il faut absolument que vous alliez voir « La Glace et le Ciel »  par Luc Jacquet.  C’est un film français qui vient de sortir, qui raconte la Terre à travers les yeux du scientifique Claude Lorius.  Cela fait 30 ans qu’il préviens les gouvernements des dangers du réchauffement climatique et de son inévitable action; mais ils ne font rien de bien concret, à part signer des Traités qu’ils n’appliquent pas vraiment…

NOUS pouvons faire quelque chose.

Inspiré par le Dailypost page.


22 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

  1. Very thoughtful interpretation of this week’s challenge. You are right. Our planet is in danger and too many of us are being complacent. Climate change is happening all around us. Here in Australia, we are getting higher and higher temperatures each year :/

    Beautiful shot of the glaciers. Such a stunning blue colour 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel for your kind words and your understanding. I hope you don’t get too hot in Oz because it’s already quite hot! Be careful yourself, hoping others will follow your example too; and take care!

  2. I share your frustration Juls but at least you’re trying to do something about it. The day there are votes in environmental issues is the day politicians will address the issues.

    1. We, the people, are more powerful than the politicians. We need to take matters and hand and show them how to rule, because, frankly, they’ve quite forgotten that they should be representing US and the well-being of all, rather than their own.
      I’m up for a revolution! 😉 eco-friendly, peaceful and thoughtful, always!

  3. Each government literally gets pleas from thousands of experts each year on the global warming crisis to make adequate changes. Instead of thinking that there is something drastic that needs to be acted on promptly they all ignore the multitude of experts and enact feet dragging policies on the matter.

    1. Ain’t that completely frustrating?!? That’s why we, the people, need to take matters in our own hands and show them, by the thousands, that WE can make the change.
      Being zero waste now makes me feel very proud and happy to be doing something useful for my planet; I just wish I could convince more people of the importance and easiness of the deed, so that, one by one, we make that change we want to see in the world…

        1. I do too. I’m an all-time optimist and believe in the goodness of mankind. We absolutely need to wake up.
          Have you also seen « Disney’s Torrowland. »

        2. I haven’t. I prefer old movies, and I’m not a Disney fan. Have you seen the National Geographic documentary « Chasing Ice »?

  4. je suis d’accord !! Il faut agir , et aider nos générations futures à prendre soin de notre Nature !
    Il faut que j’aille voir ce film… Bisous


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