Weekly Photo Challenge : Let there be light!

This week’s theme: Let there be light!

Glass Forest

The beauties of glass blowing by artist Dale Chihuly at Chihuly Garden & Glass in Seattle, WA, USA.  Lights, colors, shapes, sizes are all reunited to take you to a new Wonderland!

[Fr]  Quelques sublimes créations par l’artiste Dale Chihuly au Chihuly Garden & Glass à Seattle, dans l’état de Washington, USA.  Les lumières, les couleurs, les formes, et la taille des ces objets sont les petits détails qui vous emmènent dans ce nouveau Pays des Merveilles!

[Es]  Las bellezas creadas por Dale Chihuly, artista soplador de cristal al Chihuly Garden & Glass en Seattle, estado de Washington, EE.UU.  Luces, colores, formas, tamaños ¡todos reunidos para invitarles en otro País Maravilloso!

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May you all have a de-light-ful week-end!

24 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : Let there be light!

  1. Oh, these shots are amazing! Thanks for sharing the link on my blog! I’ve been behind in visiting my favorite blogs, and I missed this when it was originally published. Safe travels to you!

    1. you’re the second one mentioning Kew Gardens but I don’t know where they are… London? NYC? both are shown on the search engines… I’m intrigued now, I’d like to see another one as I truly was flabbergasted over the first one.

      1. London. It was a temporary exhibition, so Chihuly is not there anymore. But they often have different artists’ work on show and sometimes night exhibitions too. Worth a visit, even thought it’s expensive.

  2. J’aime beaucoup ces oeuvres colorées ….même si je n’en comprends pas le sens, s’il y en a un !!!!

    1. Mom, j’ai mis les noms des oeuvres en sous-titres, passe ta souris sur les photos pour les lire. J’espère que ça te donnera les explications nécessaires pour les comprendre mais en vrai, c’est bien sûr encore mieux! 😉

  3. I love his work!! Oddly enough, we just saw a bowl of his today. We were fortunate to see an entire show once as well as some pieces at Kew Garden and a tree at the White House some years ago. His work is stunning!



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