Weekly Photo Challenge : Escape

This week’s challenge : Escape.

Multiple escaping possibilities… that’s my way!

Some bloggers’ escapes :

Weekly Photo Challenge – Standing ovation, seated

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Orient Nomad

Weekly Photo Challenge – Piran Café

Weekly Photo Challenge – I Work for a Jerk – Notes from a worker bee

Weekly Photo Challenge – What’s (in) the picture?

… and the usual hundreds of incredible interpretations can be found here!

Have yourself a superb week-end away!

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36 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : Escape

  1. These are such great photos. I enjoy the ambiguity of the one at the beach. I suppose it’s a palm frond but at first glance I wondered if it was an eagle’s wing (bit long and droopy). The stumps leading off into the mountainous distance make excellent use of line.
    BTW, have you gone to ‘premier’ or ‘custom’ to be able to have your own background or is that part of this theme? It is very effective and I would like to do it myself.

    1. Thanks Anne! I’m happy the picture can be intriguing sometimes…
      As for the background, it’s part of the theme to be able to add your own picture. I had to try many different things before finding the layout I wanted. It’s in « general layout » – « background » at least for this theme, I didn’t have to customize or anything. Hope you find yours!


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