Marvelous, Maddening Manhattan

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Since WordPress gives the opportunity to « reblog » any article we like from another writer, I couldn’t miss it and not share with you this great piece about NYC, by Brigitte! Enjoy!

Brigitte's Banter

We’ve been living near Manhattan for a little over three years now.  Not in it, but close enough to visit often and we’ve done that many times.  When we first arrived, we’d go in nearly every weekend.  We were enamored by this gritty lady, Manhattan.

Manhattan is a dichotomy, a contradiction.  Stars are born here.  The best and the brightest of the arts and sciences (and everything in between) hail from and/or settle here.  That old saying, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” I agree because you really have to prove your mettle here and you’re just one of millions trying to do the same.

It’s the crux of the financial industry, maybe the world.  It also houses some of the poorest population and you see those two things — the jarring juxtaposition of that in nearly every neighborhood.  They (the indigent) don’t live in…

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