Photography 101: Water – Swarm – Double

WATER I had a picture in my mind but was unable to fulfill and take it.  Instead, I'll show you one of my favorite shots of water, one of the first showing how I played with my camera settings.  Taken on Navarino Island, Chile, in 2012. Inspired by Photography 101 on Nov. 5, 2014. Doesn't [...]

Photography 101: Bliss & Connect

Most  of you might have already seen that picture but we like it so much, it means so much to us and it fit so well 2 themes of the Photography 101 class that I had to put it up there again.  Visiting Machu Picchu and travelling with the man I love; there's no better, [...]

Photography 101: Home – Street

HOME When I think about home, I think about gastronomy.  Because there's no way I can dissociate food from France.  There was one thing Raul hadn't tried yet: snails.  Our specialty: snails in a garlic and parsley sauce. Welcome Home!  Have a seat at our table and enjoy your meal! Inspired by Photography 101 on [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge – Photography 101: Triumph

Converging on the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France. More Convergence on the Dailypost page. Also inspired by Photography 101 on Nov.28, 2014. And a beautiful week-end to all!

Photography 101: The Edge of Self-Control

When it comes to food, I'm the weakest person on earth.  While Raul cooks delicious savory treats and learns from everyone he meets, I'm the one who bakes.  Left alone, we need help not to fall over the edge and eat them all sweet treats by ourselves! ... Home-made ratatouille and meat empanadas and the [...]