Photography 101: The Edge of Self-Control

When it comes to food, I’m the weakest person on earth.  While Raul cooks delicious savory treats and learns from everyone he meets, I’m the one who bakes.  Left alone, we need help not to fall over the edge and eat them all sweet treats by ourselves! …

Home-made ratatouille and meat empanadas and the last piece of a chocolate fondant…

Who’s coming over today?

Inspired by Photography 101 on Nov.26, 2014.

[Fr]  Dès qu’il s’agit de nourriture, je suis d’une faiblesse incorrigible.  Alors que Raul cuisine de délicieux mets salés et apprend de chaque personne qu’il rencontre, je suis celle qui est responsable de la pâtisserie.  Laissés seuls, on a besoin d’aide pour ne pas succomber et manger toutes ces bonnes choses tous seuls! …

Empanadas faites-maison à la ratatouille et à la viande, ainsi que la dernière part d’un fondant au chocolat…

Qui se joint à nous aujourd’hui?

Inspiré par Photography 101 du 26 Nov., 2014.

[Es]  Cuando suge el tema de la comida, no tengo ninguna voluntad propia.  Mientras Raúl cocina deliciosos platos salados y aprende de cada persona que encuentra en el camino, yo me encargo de la repostería.  Solos, necesitamos ayuda para no sucumbir a la tentación de comerlo todo…

Empanadas caseras de ratatouille y carne y el último pedazo de fondant de chocolate…

¿Quién se une a nosotros hoy?

Inspirado por Photography 101 del 26 de Nov., 2014.

16 commentaires sur “Photography 101: The Edge of Self-Control

  1. I seem to remember we ate quite a bit at Thanksgiving and Christmas when you were here with us in Montana. Plenty of chocolate on hand, of course. It is a little bit different now with the just the two of us, but there will still be good food to eat. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

        1. of the fondant? super easy one: pre-heat oven at Th.7 (200°C); melt 200g of dark chocolate with 125g of butter; mix 6 egg yokes with 150g of powder sugar; add melted chocolate and keep stirring; whip the egg whites until they’re firm and add them to the rest of the mixture; butter and flour a springform pan and pour the mixture in it; bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.

          Tell me how it goes! 😉

  2. An edge where I am always cutting myself! Let me know if you’re ever in South Dakota, I’ll gladly turn over my kitchen to Raul!

  3. Ah, the edge of Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is when Steve’s family comes over for our annual feast. Saturday I go to feast with my children. Indulgence is celebrated here in the US with gusto. I may try to cling to a bit of self-control, but I’m not counting on it.

    1. right! we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in France (although I tried years ago but my friends don’t relate…) so I forget easily about it… Thanksgiving or Christmas time, self-control should be in order…

      Happy days to you and your family!


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