Getting Greener: Zero Waste Toiletries

Zero Waste toiletries, Paris, France(scroll down for the english version – vean al pie de página para la versión en español)

En route vers la plage!

Ça y est, je m’envole pour 8 jours vers le sud-ouest de la France (normalement, j’aurais pris le train mais avec les grèves des transports qui secouent le pays depuis début avril, j’ai opté pour la solution qui, au moment de l’achat, me permettait de vraiment arriver à destination sans trop d’encombres…  c’était sans compter sur l’augmentation du nombre de grévistes et l’annulation de certains vols en ce début de long week-end)!  Après que mon vol d’hier matin ait été annulé et que j’aie cherché en vain à embarquer sur un autre le même jour, je suis finalement à l’aéroport ce matin, maillot de bain en poche, petite valise en cabine, repas maison dans mon sac à main, direction Bordeaux puis Arcachon et ses longues plages de sable blanc face à l’Atlantique.

Et il y a une chose qui permet justement de voyager léger: avoir réduit les emballages et le nombre de produits cosmétiques que j’emmène désormais avec moi.

Depuis 3 ans maintenant, comme vous le savez, je fais mon propre dentifrice, mon huile pour le visage et mon baume à lèvres; je n’utilise plus les déodorants du commerce mais une simple pierre d’alun bio; ma brosse à dents est en bambou; j’utilise un pain de savon naturel à la place du gel douche; une brosse à cheveux me permet de me passer de shampoing depuis bientôt 2 ans; et quelques gouttes de fragrance de noyau de cerise me sert de parfum.

Ma trousse de toilette se trouve donc composée de ces 8 petits éléments, qui, même dans les contenants en verre (- de 100 ml., bien sûr), passent sans problème la sécurité aéroportuaire. Il y a par conséquent davantage de place dans ma valisette pour mes petites robes et débardeurs qui me permettront de retrouver le soleil et la plage sans complexe! 😉

Allez, je vous laisse, on embarque!

Que contient désormais votre trousse de toilette zéro déchet?

Autres conseils pour passer au zéro déchet, ici.


Let’s go to the beach!

I’m flying away to my 8-day vacation in south-west France (I normally would have taken the train but what with the transport strikes shaking the country since early April, I prefered the option that would allow me to get to my destination without too much trouble… It was without counting with more people going on strike and a certain amount of flights being cancelled right at the beginning of this long holiday-packed week!).  Since my flight was canceled yesterday morning and I couldn’t manage to get on another that same day, I am finally  at the airport now, swimming-suit in hand, carry-on in tow, homemade lunch in tote bag, bound to Bordeaux and Arcachon, with its long white sand beaches along the Atlantic.

There is one thing that allows me to travel lighter these days: having reduced the number and packaging of the toiletries I now take with me.

For 3 years now, as you well know, I make my own toothpaste, face oils and lip balm; I’ve stopped using supermarket deodorant and make do with a simple organic alum stone; my toothbrush is bamboo; I use a bar of natural soap instead of shower gel; a hairbrush has allowed me to stay away from shampoo for almost 2 years; and all I need are a few drops of cherry seed fragrance as perfume.

Nowadays, my toiletries only amount to these 8 items, which, even in glass containers (-100 ml., of course), are no trouble over security at the airport. As a result, there is more space in my carry-on for the summer dresses and tank tops that I will gladly be wearing under the sun this week! 😉

Got to go, we’re embarking!

What’s inside your zero waste toiletry bag these days?

More tips on embarking on a zero waste journey, here.


¡Vamos a la playa!

Ya, vuelo al suroeste de Francia para disfrutar de 8 días de vacaciones (normalmente, viajo en tren pero con las huelgas de los medios de transporte que paralizan el país desde inicio de abril, tome la opción que me pareció más segura para llegar a mi destino sin demasiado problema… ¡Eso fue sin pensar en el aumento del número de gente que se unó a la protesta y la cancelación de varios vuelos justo al inicio de esta larga semana de feriados!). Después de que cancelaron mi vuelo de ayer en la mañana y que no pude subirme a otro ese mismo día, por fin estoy en el aeropuerto, traje de baño en mano, con equipaje de mano, almuerzo casero en mi bolsita de tela, con destino a Bordeaux y luego Arcachon y sus playas largas de arena blanca frente al Atlántico.

Y si hay algo que me permite viajar más ligera es el hecho de haber reducido el número y el embalaje de los productos cosméticos que ahora llevo conmigo.

Desde hace 3 años, como ya lo saben, preparo yo-misma mi pasta de diente, aceites para la cara y protector labial; no uso desodorante del supermercado sino una sencilla piedra de alumbre orgánica; mi cepillo de dientes es de bambú; utilizo una pastilla de jabón natural en vez de gel de baño; un cepillo para el cabello me permite evitar shampoo desde hace casi 2 años; y alugnas gotitas de fragrancia de semilla de cerezo sirve como perfume.

Mi estuche de viaje se compone unicamente de esos 8 artículos que, a pesar de los recipientes de vidrio (- de 100 ml., por supuesto), pasan sin problema la seguridad del aeropuerto. Por lo tanto, ¡tengo más espacio en mi pequeño equipaje de mano para los vestidos de verano y camisetas sin mangas que voy a utilizar bajo el sol sin complejos esta semana! 😉

Pues, ahí les dejo, estamos a punto de embarcar.

¿Qué hay en su estuche de viaje cero basura hoy en día?

Más consejos para reducir su basura, acá.

15 commentaires sur “Getting Greener: Zero Waste Toiletries

  1. I love this so much! You have inspired me a lot to embark on a zero waste lifestyle, and step by step I am making changes that will help protect the planet (and my own health, too). I also have a bamboo toothbrush and hairbrush, and use a « naked » deodorant that I simply keep in a reusable container for travel.
    You’re so right about the benefits of traveling lighter. I can’t believe all the stuff I used to pack! Whenever possible, I try to bring only a carry-on on my trips nowadays and it has revolutionized the way I travel. So much less to think about, no hours of packing, or worrying that you’ve left one of your million things behind. Once you get into it, you wonder why you thought it would be so hard to get started in the first place.

    1. Happy that you too find living and traveling lighter much easier! It is all a question of perspective and changing a few habits; and yes, once you’ve changed them, you wonder how and why you didn’t already live that way before?!!!

      Happy too that you’ve also embarked on a zero waste journey. It is important that each and everyone of us realize how much they are responsible for and how much they can do to make our world a cleaner, healthier place. Starting at one’s own door is the best way to go. It inspire others to do the same and we’ll all meet there.

      Thanks for your commitment! 🤗🤗🤗

  2. Un bel exemple à suivre… ma trousse de toilette est encore remplie même si déjà bien réduite 😉 bravo pour tout ce que tu as intégré à ta vie quotidienne et les conseils que tu transmets…..💕

    1. Only living for 8 days, that 1 red&white dress I love from Barcelona 😉 1 bikini, my summer pants and a pair of tank tops. Because I also bring my sleeping bag, computer & camera, I used a small carry-on bag instead of a backpack this time.
      And… I believe I carry too much still 😅😅😅

  3. I’ve become so against chemicals that I don’t even want to take painkillers or allergy medicine for pollen, unless I really, really have to. I haven’t dyed my hair in 2 years now, haven’t even been to the hairdresser’s, I just cut it myself! Haven’t used nail polish since I got pregnant. Etc. Now that I think of all the stuff I used to use, love and take for granted, it seems so weird. I can’t even bear the scent of perfume anymore, it starts to bug me. Health reasons. But still, going zero waste like you did seems so extreme! You are still my hero in that regard!! 💕

    1. I’m extreme in most things I do, being Libra, I either do or don’t do, when I do, I do. 😉
      Going zero waste is a journey and is not done from one day to another, easy small steps can be taken any time. One step at a time. And after a few months, you won’t even notice how much you’ve changed your habits 😉
      You already have! Don’t underestimate yourself! You’re a every day hero! 😘😘

  4. Toiletries always trip me up, but I’m getting better about it. I’ve realized I can do without a lot of the items I normally use, especially for a short trip. We get so set in our routines, it can be tough to break them!

    1. I completely understand. It took me a few months to get into my new, conscious and responsible, zero waste routines but now, I couldn’t do without. Especially knowing how better it all is for my own health and protecting our planet, besides the obvious of living and traveling lighter.


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