Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

El Camino - Day 16 to Cardeñuela Riopico, SpainStumbling upon magical circles of life and ode to the Earth, on day 16 of El Camino, between Espinoza del Camino and Cardeñuela Riopico, Spain.

Inspired by the Dailypost page.

Enjoy the magic of the day!

5 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

  1. Small aliens not large enough to make circles in corn fields. 🙂 I read that in national parks, rangers don’t appreciate people make rock piles as it disrupts that natural placement of the rocks. I thought that was interesting and of course, I don’t know that they all feel that way. Happy weekend.


    1. There were plenty of cairns along El Camino; I usually see them when trail markers are missing or when you don’t really know where to go, in order for hikers not to get lost.
      I understand that it can disrupt the natural placement of rocks and is also against the Leave No Trace logic, as we’re supposed to pass throught without showing we were there… but, it always helps knowing where you’re supposed to go!

      As it represents the circle of life and its neverending cycle… I have a tendency to enjoy seeing them.
      Happy weekend to you too!


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