El Camino – Day 40 or Going home

El Camino Day 40, going home, Spain & FranceFisterra – Santiago de Compostela – Aix-en-Provence

2 days, a 24-hour road-trip, 3 buses, 1 car-pooling, a few hours sleep.

6 – 21°C., sunny all day.

Favorites: met up with Tatiana & Marlón in Santiago yesterday, coming back from Fisterra, for lunch in the city and laying down on O’Bradoiro Sq. to fill our minds of the cathedral; having planned another Camino with Tatiana some day, via the north route; remember the walk; take a stroll in Bayonne, France, this morning in between a bus ride and a car-pooling meeting; get reunited with my mother at home.

Downs: having had to say goodbye to Pilar, Jesús, Tatiana and Marlón; realize that it’s the end, for real; not slept enough during the first 12-hour bus ride (the second driver was quite brutal, rude and even abandoned one person in a bus station because he had had the « vile » idea that this was a stop long enough to go to the bathroom outside of the bus!!); feel energy-deprived for not being walking today.

Met Romain, my driver via Blablacar. Met up with my mother, with whom I’ll spend the next few days in Aix-en-Provence before heading back to Mexico.

                                  Today is another day on another camino…

16 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 40 or Going home

  1. I am sure your mother was as glad to see you as I am to hear you made it back to Aix safe and sound with wonderful memories. Stay safe on your way home to Rulo!


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