El Camino – Bonus Day 38

El Camino Day 38, Fisterra, SpainSantiago de Compostela – Fisterra – (el Faro)

2h in a bus + a 7-km round-trip walk to the lighthouse.

6 – 19°C., foggy in the morning, very sunny in the afternoon.

Favorites: watch the sun win over the fog and warm everything up in the afternoon; go to the beach and take a swim, as I promised myself I’d do once El Camino achieved; stay in a hostel with a meditation room; walk a bit more in order to admire the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean with nothing else in front of us and my mind free.

Downs: feel like a fraud at not having walked the last 3 days of El Camino to the end of the land; be on my own again; today really is the end… I’ll be traveling back to France on Saturday night.

Staying at Albergue do Sol y da Lua (10€/night), Atalaia st. 7, in Fisterra.

Met Julia (D) but didn’t spend much time together.

                     A fabulous end to an incredible journey! 

10 commentaires sur “El Camino – Bonus Day 38

  1. Magnifique photo pour une très belle fin de voyage 😃…d.autres pages de ta vie vont se remplir de merveilleux moments !! 🌹❤️💋💋💋

  2. Juls thanks so much for commentating on your fascinating journey with its highs and lows. Not for me though until they have 4* hotels at each stop 🙂


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