El Camino – Day 34

El Camino Day 34, to Puente Campaña, SpainGonzar – Puente Campaña

20 kms (total: 746 kms).

4 hours and 38 minutes (+ 1h of breakfast and photo breaks).

6 – 22°C., sunny all day.

Favorites: see the sunrise above a sea of clouds; leave after all the other « new » pilgrims did at the darkest hour of dawn (why? why do they do that to themselves? So they can’t enjoy the trail at all, because, besides Superman, who can really see in the dark?!); walk little, rest a lot, feet up in a hammock, under the sun in the garden of our home of the day.

Downs: see Pilar & Jesús way ahead of us heading to the next villages; realize we should have walked further today to have less to walk tomorrow…

Rant: why is there trash on a pilgrims’ trail? Why is there trash on any trail, for that matter? Don’t people learn?

             why do snorers sleep so well in a room full of non-snorers who can’t???

Stayed at the municipal albergue (6€/night) in Gonzar, right at the entrance of the tiny village.

Met Helena (D) on the road and met up with Hannah at the albergue in Puente Campaña.

                               Tomorrow is another day on El Camino! 🙂

2 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 34

  1. why? why do they do that to themselves? – I don’t mind getting up early and leave early when there’s a long day ahead of me… but I do not plan my itinerary that way… but then again, checking into a hostel or church or hotel and sort of competing for a bed isn’t the same as finding a campsite ALTHOUGH it sometimes gets tricky. LOL


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