El Camino – Day 33

El Camino Day 33, to Gonzar, SpainSarria – Gonzar

29 kms (total: 726 kms).

6 hours and 55 minutes (+ 2h of breakfast and photo breaks).

6 – 22°C., foggy most of the day and sunny after 3 p.m.

Favorites: walking in the fog most of the day (Galicia lived up to its foggy reputation! As long as it’s the only « rain » we get!); local people leaving tables outside of their houses, full of drinks and food for pilgrims, on donation; passing the 100 km-left-to-Santiago marker; yesterday, I felt terribly tired and today, all the contrary: no pain, no sore muscles, a backpack that felt « light » all day, I just loved it all; getting the last beds at the municipal albergue in Gonzar thanks to Jesús & Pilar who saw with the hostess that she would keep them for us, as we were about to arrive.

Downs: arriving pretty late at destination and not having much time to rest.

Stayed at Albergue Don Álvaro (9€/night), rúa Maior 10, in Sarria.

Met Gabriela from Argentina, Pablo from Spain and Stephanie (US). Diner with everyone (Tatiana, Marlón, Pilar & Jesús) again.

                                               Buen Camino! 🙂

12 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 33

  1. arriving pretty late at destination and not having much time to rest. – that sucks. And as I try to take photos with good lighting, it is always a constant battle – set up a camp, refill water and check how much time I have till sunset. If it is still early, then eat as quickly as possible and then go scouting and taking photos till there’s no longer light. Of course, if it is a new moon night or a couple of days leading up to it or after, then I also stick around longer to capture the Milky Way…, which makes it difficult to get up early to get ready to go on with the day… And when I arrive at the next stop late, everything falls apart… it sucks…

    1. yep, it can suck… but usually, we make it in a good time to enjoy that little down time. It is so needed. But of course, setting up your gear for a great picture is also very relaxing 😉

      1. You know it! When people talk about ‘ you’re in the zone,’ where you don’t think about anything else… That’s me when I am right behind my Canon rigged on the tripod… 🙂

    1. Nope… it was just an impression; I already have a light pack because it’s filled with what I truly need, but sometimes even the soul is lighter and everything else is too! 😊😊😊


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