El Camino – Day 31

El Camino Day 31, O'Cebreiro, Spain
(Photo credit @ Tatiana Larramendi)

La Faba – (O Cebreiro) – Triacastela 

25 kms (total: 673 kms).

6 hours and 10 minutes (+ 1h10 of breakfast and photo breaks).

9 – 22°C., sunny most of the day, windy on top of the mountain and overcast in the afternoon.

Favorites: slept wonderfully in my hanging bed at my favorite hostel of El Camino so far; watched the sun rise over the mountains while climbing to the 2nd and 3rd highest point of El Camino (O Cebreiro, 1.296 m., Alto do Poio, 1.337 m.); have Tatiana and Marlón walk along with me when I sure know they’re not walking at their usual pace; laughing at our own jokes the whole time; stopping every few steps to take fabulous pictures; sure spent today the most beautiful hike of El Camino; feeling exhausted after those long climbs up and down and so hyper and happy at the same time.

Downs: it’s almost the end… 😥 (No! We won’t think about it!)

Stayed at El Refugio (5€/night), at the end of the village, in La Faba. My absolute favorite since the beginning of the journey!

Met Maria Isabel & Gerardo from Guatemala, Marta & Luciano from Mexico on the trail (Viva Latino America!); met up with Pilar & Jesús in Triacastela.

                          Tomorrow is another day on El Camino! 🙂 

12 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 31

  1. it’s almost the end…😥 (No! We won’t think about it!) – Isn’t it funny that every thru hikers feel the same… they feel the remorse of reaching the end of their goal and having to deal with no goal after that.. LOL LOL LOL LOL Sigh…

  2. De très bons moments visuels et partagés pour sceller la prochaine arrivée …!!! Quoi de mieux pour enrichir encore le Quotidien de ta vie…en tout cas, tu fais une sacrée randonnée depuis 30 jours et suis admirative de tous tes efforts…👍👍💕et quelles belles photos 😀

    1. Je termine jour 32 + fatiguée que d’habitude… mais c’est toujours aussi beau. Je suis contente d’avoir fait tout ce chemin mais j’ai aussi hâte de rentrer et de rester au lit un matin! 😂😂

  3. 673 kms? And counting. Compliments. Ça doit nettoyer la tête toute cette marche. (J’adore)
    Et tu vends la beach house? Elle où? sur quelle Beach? 😉
    Bon week-end.


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