El Camino – Day 29

El Camino Day 29, to Villafranca, SpainPonferrada – Villafranca del Bierzo

24 kms (total: 625 kms).

5 hours and 27 minutes (+ 1h10 of breakfast and photo breaks).

8 – 25°C., foggy up until a bit before noon and very sunny and warm afterwards.

Favorites: celebrating 4 weeks walking and 8 days left to Santiago, today; spend all morning in the fog, which gives villages a ghostly look; a huge breakfast after walking the first 10 kms of the day; finishing up in the middle of the vineyards; the view of the valley from above again; walking and laughing with Tatiana still, until each of us took a separate trail to reach the same destination; take a « right » turn this time and don’t regret it any second because of the view I got out of it.

Downs: being sore all day for not stretching yesterday; having to wash and dry all of my clothes and sleeping bag again, to be psychologically sure there are no bed bugs left in my stuff anymore.

Stayed at Albergue San Nicolás de Fue (on donation), calle Obispo Camilo Lorenzo 2, in Ponferrada.

Met Hannah (C) and Tom (GB) on the trail; met up with the gang again (Pilar, Jesús, Marlón & Tatiana) for lunch and diner.

                                                Buen Camino! 🙂


9 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 29

  1. don’t regret it any second because of the view I got out of it. – like they half joke, I go up HIGH TO STAY HIGH… LOL LOL thats’ what happens high up in the mountains…, right?

  2. I missed a day 😦 and several of our South Australian wine regions are flooded as I write. Might need some rioja to see me through 2017 🙂


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