El Camino – Day 28

El Camino Day 28, to Ponferrada, SpainFoncebadón – Ponferrada 

26 kms (total: 601 kms).

6 hours and 10 minutes (+ 1h15 of breakfast and photo breaks).

7 – 23°C., foggy when we left and very sunny after crossing the mountain range.

Favorites: start walking in the fog; leave behind us our « sins, » or everything that was weighing our souls, after throwing a stone at Cruz de Ferro; the mountain range landscapes; walking up and down and feeling all our muscles work out; playing Templarios with Isabel, Tatiana & Marlón inside the castle of Ponferrada.

Downs: climbing down the mountain range for half a day is hard on my knees; when having to choose between to ways to arrive in the city, I chose to go left which unfortunately was the longest way. At the end of 25 kms walking, I resented it a little…; having not rested at all today then, what with all the visiting, I feel terribly tired and hope to feel good enough tomorrow to keep going; realizing that starts today the count-down to Santiago: 9 days left! Wow!

Stayed at La Posada del Druida (7€/night), in the middle of main street in Foncebadón.

Met up with the whole usual team (Tatiana, Marlón, Isabel, Pilar & Jesús) to celebrate Pilar being fine and going on walking after yesterday’s fall and walk around to enjoy the city’s beauties.

                                Tomorrow is another day on El Camino! 🙂

7 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 28

  1. Après les vastes étendues de champs , voilà des paysages très vallonnés et je comprends ta grande fatigue et tes genoux douloureux 😞 Etires…etires…etires….et gardes une volonté farouche pour atteindre le but qui s’approche 😍


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