El Camino – Day 27

El Camino Day 27, to Foncebadon, Spain
(Photo credit @ Tatiana Larramendi)

Astorga – Foncebadón

26 kms (total: 575 kms).

6 hours and 5 minutes (+ 1h05 of breakfast and photo breaks).

9 – 22°C., sunny in the morning with a light breeze, overcast with stronger winds in the afternoon.

Favorites: feeling much better with my backpack after following the León massagista’s advice on how to carry it and stretching my legs more; wandering a beautiful trail in the fields and oak forest where the colors of fall start to show up; passing through quaint little villages of stone houses and streets; meeting an eagle named Yuli (of a Mexican race), companion of a smiling man who raises money for the kids with cancer; meeting with strong-willed people who continue their way in spite of being hurt.

Downs: having sore hips and feet 5 kms before the end of the day’s walk.

Stayed at the Albergue de las Siervas de María (5€/night and great facilities), in front of the Portal of the Sun, at the entrance of town, in Astorga.

Met Jesús & Pilar (E), walking companions of Tatiana’s and/or Marlón’s at some point on El Camino. Pili fell this morning and had to go to the hospital for stitches but as the Camino warrior and strong woman she is, she went on walking straight away afterwards and arrived in Foncebadón only a few minutes after I did and we all had an enormous lunch together.

                               Tomorrow is another incredible day on El Camino! 🙂 

7 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 27

  1. wandering a beautiful trail in the fields and oak forest where the colors of fall start to show up – this is apparently also true when you hike late in the Sierra Nevada for the JMT or PCT (although they must time it right to enter the High Sierra in late September or early October, but it’d be quite chilly) as well as for the AT. A lot of fall foliage apparently as one finishes it toward the end of autumn…

      1. I drive up to the Eastern Sierra, where Mt. Whitney and other peaks are, so that I can capture our fall foliage. You can see those photos too. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that that’s the place where we often get to see fall foliage here in Cali, unlike the east coast. LOL So, we drive north.

  2. Une rencontre inattendue avec un aigle….le corps qui se fait sentir…des paysages et des couleurs qui attirent l’oeil..et.encore une journée passée !!! Plein de bisous de réconfort 💕


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