El Camino – Day 26

El Camino Day 26, to Astorga, Spain
(Photo credit @ Tatiana Larramendi)

San Martín del Camino – Astorga

23 kms (total: 549 kms).

5 hours and 25 minutes (+ 1h15 of breakfast and photo breaks).

9 – 25 °C., sunny all day.

Favorites: another day of feeling good walking under the sun, away from traffic; having much of regional specialities with new friends and enjoying local festivities of dances, parade and traditional costumes; stay flabbergasted in front of Gaudi’s work, as always.

Downs: having walked to slow to catch up with Tatiana on the trail and missed our hiking while laughing, but caught up in town!!

Stayed at La Casa Verde (8€/night), Travesía Estación 8, in San Martín.

Met up with Tatiana and Marlón in Astorga for lunch, visits and enjoy the town’s regional dances and music.

                               Tomorrow is another day on El Camino! 🙂 

10 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 26

  1. another day of feeling good walking under the sun, away from traffic – I read a book called Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams: Walking America’s Pacific Northwest Trail (https://www.amazon.com/Grizzly-Bears-Razor-Clams-Northwest/dp/1908737042) because of the PNT that I am planning to do, and he always pointed out how dangerous it got while walking on the barely existing shoulders of the road, particularly highways… And some off trail parts were as equally dangerous as local drive corners like race drivers… not seeing or thinking or even considering those thru hikers that aren’t visible from behind the wheel… Also, some of the hardcore thru hikers of the Triple Crown (completing all three hikes – PCT, CDT and AT) always complained about road walking, vs. trail walking… how they feel much safer and secure on the trail…

      1. Strike 2! First I call a cathedral a church, then a church, a museum 😦 In my defence, I cite the beautiful St Isaac’s in Saint Petersburg, which is now a museum.

  2. Ta journée a été remplie de bien belles occasions de divertissements et gaieté 😄 !! De quoi redonner du tonus…😉 Gros bisous ❤️

  3. I have been meaning to tell you that I read that bed bugs don’t like sunshine. So when you can, open your sleeping bag to the sun and maybe that will help.


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