El Camino – Day 22

El Camino Day 22, to Bercianos, SpainLedigos – Bercianos del Real Camino 

25 kms (total: 460 kms).

5 hours and 35 minutes (+ 1h30 of breakfast and photo breaks).

9 – 25°C., sunny all day and feeling much warmer than only 25°.

Favorites: celebrating 3 weeks walking with a good pace and my body really into it all; passing the « center » of El Camino in Sahagún (center, when you count between Roncesvalles and Santiago) but the truth of how many kilometers are left is still unknown, signs contradict each other…

Downs: finding bed bugs in my stuff still, had to buy repulsive spray in a plastic bottle with plenty of toxics inside (all I hate!), but hey, one has to do what must be done sometimes; arriving in a small village thinking there will be enough bed space and ending up at the church again because it wasn’t that easy in the end; giving up to my Coke addiction with one glass today (nooooooo!).

Stayed at Albergue El Palomar (7€/night) at the entrance of the village in Ledigos.

Met Ama and Aranxa (E) in Bercianos, had lunch and talked about their 1 week walking vs. my 22 days. They walked 35 kms/day in average! Wow!

                               Tomorrow is another day on El Camino!  🙂 

8 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 22

  1. giving up to my Coke addiction with one glass today (nooooooo!) – It’s always amusing to see and yet we wholeheartedly embrace this phenomenon – thru hikers eat a lot of sugar! LOL LOL LOL Even those who eat heathy load themselves up with so much junk food that no one even care. Whenever we went really strenuous hikes, our treat was In-N-Out burgers on our way back… Can you blame? LOL 🙂

      1. Well, like you said, things happen for a reason. So, if you agree with it wholeheartedly, however you interpret it, you would embrace it without any guilt or regret… or defy it till you no longer feel it… LOL Only you can know it. 🙂

  2. I don’t mind when younger people overtake me. Your only concern might be if Ama and Aranxa were in their seventies LOL
    I’m guessing you are fluent in Spanish, so asking for something to nuke the bedbugs is no problem??

    1. Younger people DO overtake me, of course, but older do too! Ama and Aranxa are in their 40’s but Annie, the Aussies I walked with the day before, is 61 and we walked the same pace ahahaha

  3. Ai je bien compris….tu es/étais Addict au coca ?????( j’ai pris mon dico d’anglais 😉)je croyais que tu y avais renoncé depuis longtemps !!!!!! Et puis tant pis pour les produits « toxiques » , du moment que cela empêche les punaises😡 de s’installer dans tes affaires !!!

    1. Hihihi j’ai renoncé au coca il y a longtemps en effet, et je résiste très bien mais hier j’ai craqué et ai bu un verre! Promis, je recommence pas! De toute façon, le jus d’oranges pressées fait un bien meilleur effet! 😊😊😊


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