El Camino – Day 23

El Camino Day 23, to Mansilla, SpainBercianos Real del Camino – Mansilla de las Mulas.

24 kms (total: 484 kms).

5 hours and 25 minutes (+ 1h05 of lunch and photo breaks).

9 – 24°C., foggy in the morning, sunny around noon with a few clouds and a light breeze. Perfect walking conditions.

Favorites: slept pretty well after spraying my bed and sleeping-bag a few times; actually enjoyed walking by the moon light; hit my pace and went on, so much so that I found myself on automatic mode (my mind would have been able to sleep, had it been sure that my legs could find their way and keep going on their own!); arrived very early in Mansilla, could rest a bit before visiting.

Downs: started walking earlier than usual because everyone was up and loud in order to get ready and going fast to the next stop to find a bed; I don’t want to follow a race pace nor walk in the dark but today, I was ready, so I left; the landscape was nothing spectacular today, rather monotonous but I still enjoyed the view…

Stayed at the Albergue paroquial (night, diner and breakfast on donation), at the end of the village, in Bercianos.

Met up with Ama and Aranxa on the road; met Marlon (Brazil) and Tatiana again for diner, we had a wonderful time and I’m surprised to understand Portuguese from Brazil so well, after all!

                          Tomorrow is another day on El Camino!  🙂

6 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 23

  1. because everyone was up and loud in order to get ready and going fast to the next stop to find a bed – I am sure anyone who read this must’ve felt the same… it’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

  2. All of your photos have been stunning, lovely. But this one really floored me. Just goes on forever and reminds me of space…how I need more of it at the end of my week.

    1. Thank you, darling. I was floored by the sheer beauty of the cathedral, from outside, because you need to pay to visit the inside so I didn’t… León sure is a beautiful city to stop at for an afternoon of rest.

  3. La lumière de l’aube, la monotonie du chemin…..chaque jour apporte de l’intérêt à l’aventure 😌😘


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