El Camino – Day 19

El Camino Day 19, to Boadilla, SpainCastrojeriz – Boadilla del Camino

18 kms (total: 391 kms).

4 hours and 24 minutes (+ 42 minutes of breakfast and photo breaks).

6 – 23°C., sunny all day.

Favorites: start walking under the full moon glow, witness another spectacular sunrise; feel warm; the end of the day after I stopped being on a bad mood.

Downs: everything got on my nerves today, my backpack didn’t sit well on my hips, my camera dangled widely,  the flies kept getting into my eyes, nose and mouth, I had to focus on the trail too much because of the stones, rocks and gravel on the ground preventing from enjoying the view around…

So I just stopped, found a nice, clean hostel, checked in, showered, did some yoga and enjoyed the sun.

Stayed at Casa Nostra (6,50€/night), across from Santo Domingo church, in Castrojeriz (bed-bugs again 😥 ).

Tomorrow will be a better day! 🙂 

11 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 19

  1. 6,50€/night sounds so cheap… even though a pilgrim walked from town to town and just had a long day… LOL Guess it sort of makes sense now as to why people do it this way… 🙂

  2. Ton post m’évoque le passage du livre de l’auteur qui a écrit sur son expérience du chemin de Compostelle. Je cite : »plus la vie quotidienne du marcheur est prosaïque, occupée d’affaires d’ampoules douloureuses, de sac trop lourd, plus ces instants de spiritualité prennent de force. Le chemin est d’abord l’oubli de l’âme, la soumission du corps, a ses misères, à la satisfaction des mille besoins qui sont les siens… »
    Ha ha, ça a des consonances un peu cléricales je dois l’admettre 😜


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