El Camino – Day 17

El Camino Day 17, Burgos, SpainCardeñuela Riopico – (Burgos) – Tardajos

22 kms (total: 346 kms).

5 hours and 11 minutes (+ 1h21 of brunch, photo breaks and visit of the cathedral in Burgos).

9 – 15° C., overcast all day.

Favorites: a good night’s sleep with no bites; delicious bocadillos in Burgos; standing breath-taken in front of Burgos cathedral; getting out of town again.

Downs: having to say goodbye to Sophie in Burgos after 2 weeks of walking together; that long walk on the asphalt in industrial zones to arrive in Burgos.

Stayed at Albergue Via Minera (8€/night; 9€ diner and 3€ breakfast), near the church, in Cardeñuela.

Met Tara (E), Laurette and Judy (US), Peter (GB) and Sam (K) over diner last night; met up with Peter at the albergue in Tardajos today.

                              Tomorrow is another day on El Camino! 🙂 

5 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 17

  1. 3€ breakfast? If it is 3 Euro, it is now $3.16 USD! Hope that breakfast was really good… Sounds super cheap! However, being able to have food at each stop sounds very luxurious… While doing the thru hikes in the US, that’s unheard of… LOL 🙂 Min. 5-6 days worth of food to carry…

    1. Yep, El Camino nowadays is « luxurious, » since all villages, towns and cities it crosses live off it. Some villages even came back to life because/thanks to it.
      The luxury of not carrying your food for days at a time is greatly appreciated sometimes. It is very different when on other trails, indeed.

      1. Ha! That’s kind of cool to know in that sense that some villages struggled survive in the past but sprung back to life because of the pilgrims. Guess each coin truly has two sides, right? 🙂


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