El Camino – Day 15

El Camino Day 15, to Espinosa, SpainGrañon – Espinosa del Camino

23 kms (total: 297 kms).

5 hours and 27 minutes (+ 1h10 of brunch and photo breaks).

8 – 15°C., sunny in the morning, lots of wind and clouds in the afternoon.

Favorites: our evening last night sharing a moment of meditation; walking for the first time this morning with my jacket/gloves/scarf but still wearing shorts!; enter quaint little village one after another; fourth day without the knee brace; finding a smiling sunflower; having the wind dry my tears; let the pain go with each step.

Downs: the wind full face and cold against us; itches; learning my very good friend’s mother passing away yesterday and the pain and hurt of not being there to hold her and my god-son today;

Hate: bed bugs and the allergy I get from their bites…

Stayed at the « Hospital de los Peregrinos, » by the church, in Grañon (on donation).

Met Christophe (FR) on the road and met up with Courtney at the albergue in Espinosa.

                              Tomorrow is another day! 🙂

19 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 15

  1. Sounds like this hostel/church/hotel stays sound very luxurious compared to backcountry backpacking (sleeping in your sleeping bag inside the tent for days and days, and yet it scares me to know that there are bedbugs… Ugh… I don’t know… LOL

    1. Pilgrims hostels were in general really nice and clean; what with all the people going through, though, you’re bound to find bed bugs at some point, unfortunately…

      Camping along the trail in Spain is not that easy. I heard it is much easier on the French trails, though. So, next time, when I start in France, I’ll camp until I get to Spain!

      1. Oh, that’s cool. I heard also that the characteristics of people change too, right? One friend of friend quipped that people in Spain opened their arms and support you and respect you. On the other hand, people in Portugal, not so much? Wait.. this may be another route of the El Camino? LOL

        1. There is a Portuguese route too, yes!
          Locals are very friendly; some of them even set up trays of food for pilgrims along the way and usually don’t even ask for money (although it is appreciated to leave a few coins, obviously).

  2. I probably should look this up, but what is the total distance, Julie? Even then, I gather some people don’t do the complete pilgrimage. Is that your experience?

    1. From St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, I think it’s about 800 kms to Santiago. To be validated, your pilgrimage must count at least the last 100 kms. People do as they wish: all at once, only the end, bits by bits, etc…

  3. Both my youngest daughters have had bedbugs infest their apartments in Chicago. Not fun at all! But you get to walk away, so look on the bright side!

  4. J.adore le regard de ces tournesols 😀 Cela donne du baume au cœur pour apaiser les peines.
    Et suis contente de te savoir marcher sans genouillère. 💋💋💋


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