El Camino – Day 14

El Camino Day 14, to Grañon, SpainSanto Domingo de la Calzada – Grañon  

6 kms (total: 274 kms).

1 hour and 30 minutes.

19 – 14°C., cloudy in the morning, very windy at noon and a storm in the afternoon.

Favorites: Walking only 7 kms; catch up with Susan and Pia on the way;  randomly finding the « Hospital for Peregrinos » which now hosts them rather than cure them (actually, providing the pilgrims with a roof over their heads is quite a way to take care of them); time to write and read; time to give my feet another well-deserved massage; being inside when the storm hit; community diner and a wonderful moment of reflection/meditation together about what the Camino is giving us. I cried of joy.

Downs: I don’t know if it’s normal that I don’t feel any different than I was 14 days ago? I don’t know if it it’s normal that I haven’t « felt » the Spirit of El Camino nor « learnt » anything really important those last 14 days?… Everyone is already talking about the changes that have occurred to them lately… Am I immune to them only because I’ve chosen to walk without any other reason than wanting to and having time?

Stayed at La Cofradía del Santo in Santo Domingo (7€/night – fantastic hostal!).

Met up with Susan, met Pia (NL), Aurélie (FR) and Darren (Oz) in Santo Domingo; met Courtney, Jenn and Lisa (US) in Grañon.

                      Tomorrow is another day on El Camino! 🙂

11 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 14

  1. Interesting… although I heard so often that it is a pilgrimage from the old tradtion, I wonder if it would really change one’s mindset or point of view (permanently)… I mean, it is great that if it did that for some in positive way, but… just being in nature and staying away from the city alone makes me happy, so I don’t know… But then again, I’ve never done it, so I would never know. It’s like I can’t say what it’d be like when I am actually done with all the thru hikes… 🙂

  2. Did you have this feeling when you left for your first World trip? They may be experiencing what you did a long time ago! 😉

    1. Toi et les autres avez certainement raison. Le fait d’être partie avant, d’avoir déjà pris la route et pensé à ma vie seule avec moi-même fait qu’aujourd’hui je suis plus tranquille et n’ai qu’à apprécier les beaux paysages et les belles rencontres. 😊😊

  3. Ressens..profites…sois sereine…sois forte…sois joyeuse de faire ce que tu fais…voilà ce qui est important , chacun fait son chemin😀 T.aime fort, comme tu es 💋

  4. Maybe the lack of <> in how you see this journey is because you journey regularly. For others, that may be a huge departure from the status quo. For you, maybe not so much. Just a thought…


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