El Camino – Day 1

El Camino - Day 1Orthez – Sauveterre de Béarn 

22 kms.

6 hours and 12 minutes (+ 41 minures for breaks).

19 – 28°C, partly cloudy in the morning, very sunny in the afternoon.

Favorites: wild black berries along the way, a very sweet apple from the orchards planted by the local association for the pilgrims.

Downs: that knee still bothering me.

Slept at Hotel de la Lune, 14 rue de l’horloge in Orthez (8€/night).

Met Alexandra & Antoine (FR).

                        Tomorrow is another day. 🙂

20 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 1

        1. …oh know I can see, it was still on my wish list, but I folded it somehow and it was hidden between two folds.. …now I got it to times on my list… …which doesn’t mean that I will walk the Camino back again! 😀

        2. 😀 I wanna see all the faces watching me walking the opposite way 😀 « ..hi, I’m Jacob.. ..wanna close the entry gate… …it’s to crowed, you know?! »

        3. There are many routes in France before you reach THE one in Spain, you can choose your own way of doing it. AND there’s a northern less – travelled road along the coast 😉

        4. ten years ago I’ve seen the movie ‘Saint-Jacques… La Mecque’ which made me really curious about the camino. Great Movie. What I didn’t know at that point was, that there were even Caminos in Germany.. …and of course all over Europe.


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