Explore The Elements – photo competition

Today, Martina, at Dreaming & Wandering honored me by nominating me for Thomas Cook’s Explore the Elements photo competition. The challenge is to capture through pictures the essence of four elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  I only had a few hours to go through my archives and sumit my entries before the competition closed, but I think I pretty much got the jist out of it.

What do you think?


Represents the hard, solid objects of the earth.  Associated with stubbornness, collectiveness, physicality and gravity.

Upper Piney River Trail, CO, USAAspen trees on Upper Piney River Trail, near Vail, CO, USA.


Represents the fluid, flowing, formless things in the world. Associated with emotion, defensiveness, adaptability, flexibility, suppleness, and magnetism.

Iguazu Falls, ArgentinaRainbows of Iguazu Falls, Argentina.


Represents the energetic, forceful, moving things in the world.  Associated with security, motivation, desire, intention and an outgoing spirit.

2 years after the fire, TdP, ChileBurnt flora regrow in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.


Represents things that grow, expand, and enjoy freedom of movement.  Associated with will, elusiveness, evasiveness, benevolence, compassion and wisdom.

Machu Picchu, PeruMorning mist lifting over Machu Picchu, Peru.

Now, even though the competition is almost closed, I would love to nominate five travel bloggers just to see how they feel about the essence of Earth, Water, Fire and Air and what they would come up with:

Stacy (Visual Venturing)

Xavi & Joana (Escapadas Blog)

Sara (Sara Zancotti)

Mitch (Exploratorius)

Clint (Explosive Aperture)

17 commentaires sur “Explore The Elements – photo competition

  1. Espectaculares las fotos que vas a presentar!!!! Me han encantado.
    Muchas gracias por pensar en nosotros pero hemos leído tarde tu mensaje y ya no podemos presentarnos….la próxima vez, quizás
    Un abrazo
    Xavi y Joana

  2. Those aspen trees look amazing – the color is almost unreal! I also like your interpretation of ‘fire’. The twisted branches mimic the flickering flames.


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