#30díasdeclicks – Week 1

You know I enjoy sharing picture and taking part in various challenges.  Recently, a friend of Raul’s, Paco Suaste, profesional photographer, initiated a photo challenge on Facebook: 30 days for 30 pictures; 1 theme a day, given in advance so people could shoot what they needed or find their best shot in their achives.  Find below mi entries for the first week of this challenge.  Your comments are most welcome.

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[Fr]  Vous savez que j’adore partager mes photos et participer à des concours de photos.  Récemment, un ami de Raul, Paco Suaste, photographe professionnel, a lancé un petit challenge sur Facebook: 30 jours pour 30 photos; 1 thème par jour, donné à l’avance pour que chacun puisse aller prendre la photo qui y réponde ou la retrouver dans ses archives.  Ci-dessous, vous trouverez celles que j’ai proposées lors de la première semaine du challenge.  J’aimerais beaucoup avoir votre avis.

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[Es]  Saben que me gusta compartir fotos y participar en varios retos de fotografías.  Recién, un amigo de Raúl, Paco Suaste, fotógrafo profesional, inició un reto en Facebook: 30 días para 30 fotos; 1 tema al día, dado adelante para que la gente pueda sacar la foto que le coresponda o para que la busque en sus archivos.  Encuentren debajo mis proposiciones para la primera semana del reto.  Me gustaría saber lo que piensan.

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Day 1 – Light

Dia 1 LuzOne of those nights at Base Camp, Puerto Natales, Chile.

Day 2 – Animal

croc in Costa RicaCroc’ and heron in Costa Rica.

Day 3 – Backlight

sunrise on Angkor Wat, CambodiaSunrise on Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Day 4 – Food

Fête du Picodon, FranceSaucissons on the market at the Picodon Festival in Saou, France.

Day 5 – Sunset

WPC Free Spirit Costa RicaWalking toward the sun on Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

Day 6 – Childhood Memory

sunset over Sainte VictoireI was born at the foot of Sainte-Victoire Mountain near Aix-en-Provence, France.  I used to hike all the way to the top with my grand-father and cousins.

Day 7 – Architecture

Dia 7 ArquitecturaInside La Merveille, the 16th century Abbey on Mont-Saint-Michel, France.

To be continued…

Which is your favorite?  – Quelle est votre préférée?  –  ¿Cuál es su favorita?

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18 commentaires sur “#30díasdeclicks – Week 1

  1. Jul, the day 2 and 4 are truly amazing! I like the day 4 for the simple fact of loving food, especially the ones from street markets, just like these yummy salamis 🙂 And the day 2 is an incredible image! How did you manage to capture this scene and, more than that, from this angle? Great job! (I miss commenting here, btw) 🙂

    1. Thatiana, I’m so happy you’re back commenting around here! and so glad you liked the pictures (I miss saucisson so muuuuuuch! 😉 you must be quite happy in Italy with all the good food over there! Enjoy!

      To answer your question about day 4 picture: there’s a bridge on the road from San Jose arriving to Jaco, in Costa Rica, where tourists usually stop because it’s famous for all the crocodiles in the river below. It just happened that the heron showed up when we were taking pictures from said-bridge (hence the angle from above). I hope you get the chance to go to Costa Rica some day and enjoy the same view!

      btw, since you’re from Brasil and we’re heading there… would you happen to have great advice on places to visit and places to stay at (or friends to meet up with!)? That’d be greatly appreciated!


      1. Wow, that’s so cool! I wouldn’t imagine that the different angle was due to a bridge! (Usually there are no bridges on top of rivers where crocodiles live….) Lol! I would be afraid! But you’ve got an amazing shot here! I love especially the colors of the water/sand and the sensation that something is just about to happen. (And did something happen to the poor heron afterwards?) Well done!
        I definitely have to go to Costa Rica and many places there around. Don’t know when though, but I’ll work for that to happen soon! Meanwhile, I keep enjoying Italy as it was the very first day, feeding my addiction with this incredible cuisine and landscapes! And once I feel Italy like home, I can start traveling to other places! 🙂
        So nice to hear that you’re going to Brasil! I think it would be better if you add me on Facebook so we can talk better about it! Feel free to add me (Thatiana Terra) 🙂

        1. when we left, the heron was still alive and well but that was 3 years ago so… 😉

          Italy has so much to offer, you’ll do well to discover everything there before you head for other roads!

          Let’s talk about Brasil over FB, that’ll be easier and more private!

          Happy discoveries to you!

  2. Encore un intéressant challenge pour toi !!!
    J’aime les couchers de soleil, et bien sur NOTRE Ste Victoire !!mais je ne suis pas une professionnelle…

    1. C’est une belle idée de la part de Paco et un grand merci à Raul pour m’y avoir invitée!
      tu n’as pas à être une professionnelle pour trouver les photos belles ou pas et j’aime qu’elles te plaisent et savoir pourquoi!

      Merci d’être là toujours!
      gros bisous

  3. How in the world am I supposed to pick a favorite from those, they’re all so good. Though if you put a gun to my head I’d have to pick the Croc and Heron shot. Amazing! do you have a direct link the all the Facebook fun? It might be fun to participate if I’m not too far behind already.

    1. I’m glad it was hard to choose! although, like you, people tend to go for the croc’ and heron. I didn’t see the potential of that picture at first and discovered it with everybody’s eyes. it’s fun!

      If you « friend » Paco Suaste, the initiator of the project of Facebook, and then tag him and use the hashtag #30diasdeclicks on each of your entries, it works. you can use my posts to help out for the list if you’d like. One photo a day for 30 days; it doesn’t matter when you start.

      Cheers! I’m looking forward to discovering what you will come up with for these subjects!


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