Photo of the Day : Merry Christmas, from Chile!

Merry Christmas from Frutillar, Chile!Audrey, Raul and I were already spending Christmas together under the sun last year, and we did it again this year!

Hugs & Kisses to all from Puerto Varas, Chile!


[Fr]  Audrey, Raul et moi étions déjà ensemble pour fêter Noël ensemble sous le soleil l’an dernier, et on a juste recommencé cette année!

Gros bisous et très joyeuses fêtes depuis Puerto Varas, Chili!


[Es]  Audrey, Raúl y yo ya habíamos pasado la Navidad juntos en el sol el año pasado, por eso ¡decidimos hacerlo de nuevo este año!

Les mandamos besos y abrazos y les deseamos lo mejor para las fiestas ¡desde Puerto Varas, Chile!


9 commentaires sur “Photo of the Day : Merry Christmas, from Chile!

  1. Hi Julie, I came across your blog through James (« Plus Ultra). I hope, you had a wonderful Christmas in Chile. I used to live and work for a german-chilean newspaper in its capital Santiago within the scope of an Internship in 2004 while studying at Uni. I hope, you have a good time down in Patagonia.

    1. Hi Vanessa! thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll enjoy the path back to Chile with us if you keep following! It’s my 3rd time back to this beautiful, amazing country and I know Patagonia is again going to be quite a wonder! Did you have time to visit there as well when you where living in Santiago?

      As we share the multi-langual blog inspiration, I’m sure we’ll find more common grounds to explore together!
      Happy Holiday Season to you too!

      1. HI Julie, happy and healthy New Year! The furthest south I was in Chile was on cruise by transport ship from Puerto Montt to the Laguna San Rafael and back. I didn’t really have that much time to travel during my two-month internship in Santiago de Chile as I did it during Uni’s winterbreak. All I could squeeze in were those four days in the South and another four days in the Atacama desert.

        All the best for 2014!

        1. Hi Vanessa! Thank you for the wishes! Ditto to you, of course! Too bad you didn’t have much time to wander more at your leisure the beauties of Chili but so good you at least got to see some parts of Patagonia and Atacama! Maybe you’ll come back some day to discover more!

          Happy Trails in 2014!

  2. merci….vous êtes supers dans ce cadre magnifique…..pendant que nous, nous « profitons » du vent, de la pluie, encore de la pluie..mais pas de neige cette fois ci !
    Affectueuses pensées pour votre fin d’année 2013… et à très bientôt 😉

    1. On pense à vous très fort! et encore plus en arrivant en Patagonie où le froid et le vent nous suivent aussi!
      Bon bout d’an et à très vite pour les nouvelles en direct! gros bisous


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