Weekly Photo Challenge : Habit

This week’s challenge : Habit.

As I was telling you in the previous post, I’m not used to enjoying the colors of Fall in southern France or the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  But spending the Fall season in northern USA allows me to cope with such a lack and I just can’t stop myself from snapping at all the colors around me…  This picture was taken a few days ago in Starved Rock State Park, southwest of Chicago, IL.

[Fr]  Comme je vous le disais dans l’article précédent, je n’ai pas l’habitude d’être entourée des couleurs de l’Automne dans le sud de la France ou dans la Péninsule du Yucatan au Mexique.  Alors que je passe cet automne dans le nord des États-Unis, j’en profite donc pour combler ce manque et ne peux m’empêcher de prendre des photos toutes les couleurs autour de moi…  Celle-ci a été prise il y a quelques jours dans le parc de Starved Park, au sud-ouest de Chicago, dans l’Illinois.

[Es]  Como se los decía en el artículo previo, no tengo la costumbre de ver los colores del Otoño en el sur de Francia o en la Península de Yucatán en México.  Mientras estoy paseando en el norte de los EE.UU. ahora, aprovecho del momento para compensar esa falta de colores y no puedo dejar de sacar fotos de todos por todos lados…  Esa arriba, tome hace unos días en el Parque de Starved Rock al sur-oeste de Chicago, en el estado de Illinois.

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And now, have a very unusual week-end!

35 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : Habit

  1. Love this shot Juls – the mama and baby make an otherwise beautiful fall shot spectacular. we really miss the fall colors having moved south 15 years ago. Nice to see them in photos anyway!

    1. yes! I was walking with my friend and her little girl and when I saw the scene I couldn’t stop but snap! it just fit perfectly together and I’m happy to be here to enjoy the Chicago and around with them.
      Enjoy the south anyway! Can’t wait to be in Florida myself to wear a bit less layers! 😉

        1. 😉 I noticed too that I used to never take pictures from the ground and have been doing a lot of that lately… along with the Fall; both habits might go together in my head, what with wanting to be closer to the leaves…

        2. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of down-low shooting. Eye level is so boring. By the way, get yourself some knee pads, your knees and your pants will thank you. The only time I don’t have mine with me is when there’s plenty of snow on the ground.

        3. thanks for the advice! 😉
          by the way, I’ll be in Concord, NH, not this week-end but the following; any chance for a hike somewhere in the surroundings on the 25th or 26th?

        4. Well that’s no good, I’ll be working both of those days. How long are you going to be in NH? Unfortunately my « real » job keeps my hiking/photography limited to the weekends. I could probably swing some time on the 23rd or 24th though. We’re starting to get some snow in the mountains, and I really want to get up there.

          One thing about my hiking though. Since I also combine photography with my hiking, I’m usually either hiking in or out in the dark. So you better bring your headlamp 🙂

        5. I’ll be in NH from the 22nd to the 30th I think; invited over my friend’s parents’ place for thanskgiving but want to be back in NYC on the 1st to meet other friends in town before flying down to Florida. For the 22nd and 23rd, plans are already done but my other friends want to check out White Mountains, not sure if we’ll go before or after Thanksgiving…

          Let’s keep in touch and see if we can work something out! Would you be up for a hike during daytime at all? 😛

        6. I wouldn’t mind a daytime hike at all. The real deal breaker is weekdays. Damn day job! 😛 Depending on how long my mother stays up over Thanksgiving, I might be able to get out the Saturday or Sunday after though.

        7. I think we can try and hit for the Saturday, I’ll be going back to NYC on the Sunday.
          Let’s try that and in the meantime, play with the daytime job and enjoy the week-end time out! (although I only have the lattest! ha! 😛 )
          See you soon!

        8. That’s right, rub it in 😛

          I’ll check with mother to see when she’s planning on leaving. I think that Saturday should work. What kind of hike are you and your friends looking for?

        9. 😀

          They’re thinking The White Mountains, I have no idea where it’s at, I just know they’ve been wanting to go for a long time and my being there would be the opportunity.

        10. Well there are several places I can think of, but it all depends on their fitness level, as well as gear requirements. Do your friends do any hiking on a regular basis? Assuming I can get away, the last thing I want is to have your friends thing me for dragging them on some death march through the mountains. There are trails for the casual hiker, on up. One I was thinking of is Mt. Pierce, which I’ve wanted to do since last winter. But that’s about 3 hours each way, and it can be very cold above tree line, so extra layers to put on at the top would be a must.

        11. Tell them none of the hikes are killers, some are longer, and if we want to hang out and enjoy the view, they’ll want en extra layer to throw on while we’re there.

          Weather permitting I’ll be hiking Mt. Pierce tomorrow, stay tuned for pics that will hopefully entice you and them. It’s supposed to be a great hike, but it is on the longish side at around 3 hours each way. Maybe less depending on everyones level of fitness. The friend I’m likely going with tomorrow said it takes him 3-3.5 hours, which means I could probably do it in around 2.5. He’s a slow-poke 😀

        12. I will, thanks! The weather is looking good for tomorrow, so hopefully the pictures will be good too 🙂

  2. Great colours, and your image creates a gentle atmosphere, makes me want to be ther, walking through those leaves….


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