Weekly Photo Challenge : Carefree

This week’s challenge : Carefree.

couple at sunset, France

We spotted this lovely couple savoring their Champagne at sunset, high on the castle wall in Bonnieux, one of France’s Most Beautiful Villages, the other day.  Not a care in the world…

(Es)  El otro día, vimos a esa linda pareja saboreando su copa de Champagne al atardecer, sentada en la pared del castillo de Bonnieux, uno de los Pueblos Más Hermosos de Francia.  Sin otra preocupación que el momento presente…

(Fr)  Sur le mur d’enceinte du petit château de Bonnieux, l’un des Plus Beaux Villages de France, nous avons aperçu l’autre soir ce petit couple en train de déguster leur Champagne en profitant des derniers rayons de soleil.  Sans autre souci que l’instant présent…

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Have yourself a carefree week-end!


15 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : Carefree

  1. I love your tri-lingual entries – I used to be a translator for German-Spanish-English while I was studying to become a psychologist. But that was a long time ago and it’s difficult to keep fluency in all of these now. Although, just in the last few days, I have used all 3 languages in my Facebook conversations….keep up the good work. Are you an official translator and where are you based?

    1. Thank you so much Ese! I’ll try to participate in your challenge when I find the right shot and quote. I had a look at the others’ submissions and really enjoyed them already. Thanks for thinking about me!

    1. Thanks Sheri, it was such an impromptu moment and the sun setting across from them gave the scene that little something you don’t want to miss with your camera. I felt pretty special to have been able to witness their carefree moment.


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