Weekly Photo Challenge : The World Through Your Eyes

This week’s theme : The World Through Your Eyes.

Having recently bought a house by the beach, we’re trying to spend as much time there as possible before we leave for our next adventure.  Every day at the beach, I have the opportunity to change the focus in my pictures and I love testing myself with different perspectives.

This picture represents what the world at the beach, in Progreso, Mexico, looks like through my newly-focused eyes.

[Es]  Como compramos una casa en la playa hace poco, intentamos pasar lo más tiempo posible ahí antes de irnos a vivir la siguiente aventura.  Cada día en la playa, tengo la oportunidad de cambiar el foco de mi atención en mis fotos y me encanta buscar perspectivas distintas.

Ésta foto representa lo qué es el mundo de la playa en Progreso, México, a través de una nueva mirada.

[Fr]  Comme nous avons récemment acheté une maison à la plage, nous y passons le plus de temps possible avant de nous envoler vers notre prochaine aventure.  Chaque jour passé à la plage me donne l’opportunité d’essayer de nouveaux horizons en photographie et j’aime particulièrement jouer avec la perspective.

Cette photo représente ce que je vois du monde sur la plage de Progreso au Mexique, avec cette nouvelle perspective.

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Happy first week-end of summer (in the northern hemisphere!)!!

45 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : The World Through Your Eyes

    1. I truly am and happy every day to have found peace in my heart and be able to share it. Thanks for your kind words too, they’re always very inspiring, just as much as your pictures. Cheers and lots of love and adventures to you!

    1. Unfortunately, the Yucatan Peninsula is subject to hurricanes once in a while… but it has never seen a tsunami and I touch wood as I’m writing these words! the house we bought is not directly on the beach but a few feet away and in between 2 other houses, so hopefully all will be well in the best of worlds! 😉 Want to come over for your vacation?

      1. Only a few FEET?
        Thank you, but I have built my own non-public resort – on high ground, where I could watch the others drowning.


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