In the Mist

Lors d’un Weekly Photo Challenge récent, je vous montrais la Grande Muraille de Chine dans la brume, retenais votre attention et surtout recueillais de vifs commentaires sur le fait d’avoir une photo tout à fait originale, loin des clichés ordinaires.  Je m’en suis trouvée bien flattée!  Ayant déjà l’idée de préparer une série « Dans la Brume, » puisque j’avais réalisé que j’avais du matériel, je n’ai été que plus convaincue de continuer à rechercher dans mes archives.

Voici le résultat.  J’espère que vous apprécierez.

[En]  In a recent Weekly Photo Challenge, I shared with you a picture of the Great Wall of China in the mist.  It called your attention and I received various comments of congratulations for having shot a very original picture, away from the ordinary pictures taken of the place.  I was very flattered!  I already had in mind to prepare a photo series called « In the Mist; » I was conforted in doing so and dug deeper in my archives because I knew I had the material.

Here is the result.  I surely hope you’ll appreciate.

[Es]  En un Weekly Photo Challenge reciente, les mostré una foto de la Grande Muralla de China en la neblina.  Les llamó mucho la atención y varios de Uds. me escribieron para decirme que apreciaban ver una foto original, lejos de aquellas más ordinarias.  ¡Me sentí muy consentida!  Ya tenía el proyecto de hacer una serie de foto « En la Neblina » porque sabía que tenía material.  Con sus comentarios, me ayudaron a mejorarla, buscando más en mis archivos.

Aqui esta el resultado.  ¡Espero que les gustará!

playing in front of the Christ Redemptor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2004) – scanned
Climbing Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador (2010)
Hiking around Quilotoa laguna, Ecuador (2010)
Entering Machu Picchu citadel, Peru (2010)
Marvelling at Perito Moreno glaciar, Argentina (2010)
Trying again 2 years later (2012)
Waiting for sunrise on Uluru, Australia (2010)
walking around Uluru, Australia (2010)
Roaming Jiankou section of the Great Wall of China (2010)
finally discovering Poas Volcano, Costa Rica (2011)
Climbing Malinche peak, Mexico’s 4th highest (2011)
Hiking to the bottom of the South American continent, Cabo Froward, Chile (2012)
Wandering around El Chaltén, Argentina (2012)
Hesitating to dive in at Montebello lakes, Chiapas, Mexico (2013)

Audrey a voulu jouer – Mi amiga Audrey quiso jugar – My friend Audrey wanted to play :

the 7 color-mountain near Salta, Argentina (photo credit : Audrey Coury – 2013)
near Salta, Argentina (photo credit : Audrey Coury – 2013)
Los Cuernos in Torres del Paine Nat. Park, Chile (photo credit : Audrey Coury – 2013)
Torres del Paine, Chile (photo credit : Audrey Coury – 2013)

Which is your favorite?  –  Quelle est votre préférée?  –  ¿Cuál es su favorita?

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17 commentaires sur “In the Mist

  1. What a wonderful place you have already seen !
    Of this pics only Cotopaxi and Quilotoa in my trip, the other are on the list of wishes 😀

  2. Even the man-made places here look wild. You sure have seen some things. All your photos are fantastic, and I believe I haven’t seen that view of Machu Picchu, but I am especially enchanted by the magic of the Great Wall serpentinig through the mist. However, I am drawn most to visit the glacier or Cotopaxi. That abruptness is most appealing.

    1. I entered Machu Picchu very early that morning; the clouds of dew hadn’t been melted away by the sun and heat yet… It was fantastic entering in this atmosphere… The Great Wall path remains a mystery to me and holds a special place in my heart. Cotopaxi still has to be tamed… I’ll give the glacier in Patagonia another try next season! 😉 All of them represent a strong moment of happiness.

  3. What a great selection of photos with mist and of great life trips. Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful experiences.

    1. Thanks! I almost feel special to have such shots now! Can’t wait to see your take as I’m very inspired by your travels myself!

      I hope Pam will see them too as I remember first discovering your blog through another WPC with a picture of Denali Peak almost out of a cloud and I told her I was preparing this series « In the Mist. » 😉

  4. Ha! And I thought I was unlucky with the weather! It’s amazing how many of the exact same places we’ve been. I remember standing in a lot of the spots you took those pictures from – generally with a clearer view though!

    1. 😛 I’m not that unlucky with the weather… sometimes, the fog lifted up and I had the greatest views! … and sometimes I didn’t…
      I’m also amazed when I read your blog how similar some of the paths we took were/are – it’s very interesting to have your point of view on places dear to me. but I’m happy with the « mist » series possibility; because it also gives me a reason to go back to some of these places and look for sun! 😉

    1. Thank you Angeline! and there is still so much more to discover! I’m happy to be up and about again in 3 weeks! (but I hope for less mist and more sun in the pictures to come!… although… it does give them something special, don’t you think?)
      Hope you’ll travel to many beautiful places too! Soon, you’ll be in Mexico and this is going to be fun!


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