A Bokeh Attempt…

Dans le langage photographique, le « bokeh » représente le flou dans une image qui met en valeur son sujet.  J’ai découvert le terme il y a peu…  Et puis, en jouant avec mon Nikon D60 juste avant qu’il ne « rende l’âme » et soit rapatrié d’urgence en France, j’avais découvert qu’un certain flou n’était pas pour me déplaire selon les situations et les lieux…

Voici mes premiers essais.

[Es]  En el language del fotógrafo, el « bokeh » representa parte de una foto borrosa para darle otra importancia al sujeto.  Me topé con la palabra hace poco…  Además, mientras jugaba con mi Nikon D60 antes de que « suspirará » y fuera rapatriado a Francia en emergencia, había descubierto algo de borroso en unas fotos que no me dejaba indiferente según el lugar y la situación…

Aqui siguen mis primeros ensayos.

[En]  In photographer’s language, a « bokeh » is part of a photo which happens to be blurry and gives the onlooker something different to look at.  I discovered the term not so long ago…  Furthermore, while I was playing with my Nikon D60 before it « passed out » on me and got an emergency lift back to France, I had also discovered that the blur in some pictures actually made them more interesting to my eye, depending on the situation and the places they were taken in…

Here are my first tries.

Chichen Itza blur, bokeh
Chichen Itza
San Cristobal tree, bokeh
tree in San Cristobal de las Casas
akumal beach, bokeh
Akumal beach
blurred vaqueria, bokeh
dancing movement
candles, Xcaret, bokeh
candles in Xcaret
wind bokeh
wind in Merida
blurred vaqueria, bokeh
traditional dances & costumes in Merida
Chelem blur, bokeh
waves in Chelem
dragonfly ecuador, bokeh
dragonfly in Ecuador

¿Cuál es su favorita?  –  Which is your favorite?  –  Quelle est votre préférée?

18 commentaires sur “A Bokeh Attempt…

  1. My favorite? Hands down the first of the dancer images, no question at all.

    Though I’m far from an expert, I think you’ve got the « bokeh » part down quite well, but I think you need an in focus subject to stand out against the nicely out of focus background to round out the photo. In most cases anyway.

    The dragonfly is a perfect example. It’s head and eyes, the most important part, are nicely in focus while the highlights on the rocks behind are nice and soft. BUT, rules are made to be broken or outright ignored, because the candle photo is beautiful just the way it is. The bokeh IS the subject.

    Again, what do I know 😉

    1. I agree with you, I still have to actually make the bokeh with the subject focused. But I truly enjoyed the complete blur in some occasions, rather than the mere bokeh. Although, I’m pretty proud of the dragonfly’s bokeh which was done without even knowing it was a « special effect » in photography! 😉

      Again, I very much appreciate your point of view. Thanks for sharing it.

      1. You’re welcome! You have no idea how much I hesitate before offering any type of criticism. The last thing I ever want to be is that « Internet Know-It-All Ass. »

        Has your camera returned from the camera hospital yet?

        1. I find your advice very welcome! my camera is better but remains in France until the summer (am too scared to have it shipped here; and rightly so as the new compact one I had bought to have in the meantime… well, never made it!) so I’ll just have to wait for a friend to come and bring me one next month.

        2. Though I’m glad you think so, I still hesitate. Probably a lingering lack of confidence that I’m actually at a point in my photography where I’m capable of offering meaningful advice without sounding like a know-it-all.

          That sucks about the new camera! And a month before you see your repaired one? That would be the longest month of my life 😀

        3. I truly think that with the kind of photography you make, anyone should feel glad to have your opinion, at least that’s the way I feel; so thank you again for taking the time.
          it greatly sucks for the camera for 2 reasons : my regular camera, although repaired, will remain in France until I get there in July; and the other new camera I bought (thanks for sales!) on internet and shipped to my friend will only make it next month… I’ve been without a camera for 2 months now… it feels terrible some times (especially on the verge of going off on vacation in Cuba or Belize! I’ll ask a friend to lend me his!) but strangely enough, if I don’t think too much of the things I’m dying to take a picture of, it’s ok…

          I WANT MY CAMERA, though!!!!! 😉


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