(tricked) Phoneography Challenge : my Neighborhood

It’s NEW, it works with the latest technology, it’s the Phoneography Challenge!

Theme of the Week : My Neighborhood.

What if your phone is still from the old generation, the one that only made phone calls and sent text messages?  You’re in big trouble if you want to take part in this week photo challenge!  😛  A chance that Cheri Lucas at the Dailypost says we can use a regular camera if we’d rather.  It’s not that I’d rather, it’s just that my phone doesn’t work that way… and I don’t have a new camera to work with yet (I think the package with the new point-and-shoot camera was actually stolen on its way home…) so I had to look over in the archives.

As I discovered my new home town last year, I snapped a few pictures along the way and here is one that represents the atmosphere around Merida‘s various neighborhoods.

[Fr]  Qu’est-ce que vous faites alors si votre portable est de la vieille génération, de celle qui ne passe que des coups de fil et envoie des textos?  Vous avez un souci pour participer au challenge photo de la semaine!  😛  Une chance que Cheri Lucas au Dailypost précise qu’on peut encore utiliser notre appareil photo normal si on préfère.  Ce n’est pas que je préfère, c’est que mon portable ne fonctionne pas comme ça… et je n’ai pas d’appareil photo avec lequel jouer de nouveau (je crois que le paquet qui m’amenait le nouveau compact a été volé…), alors il faut que je replonge dans mes archives.

Alors que je découvrais la ville qui serait mon nouveau chez-moi l’année dernière, j’ai pris quelques photos le long des chemins et des rues.  En voici une qui représente bien l’atmosphère des différents quartiers de Mérida.

[Es]  ¿Que tal si su celular es de la antigua generación, de la que solo existe para llamar a alguien o mandar mensajes?  ¡Tendran problemas para participar al concurso de fotografía de la semana!  😛  Que suerte que Cheri Lucas del Dailypost precise que todavía se puede usar su cámara normal si queremos.  No es tanto que prefiero, es que no puedo de otra manera… y no tengo otra cámara con cuál jugar todavía (creo que me robaron el paquete que me traía la nueva compact…), entonces, voy a buscar en mis archivos.

Mientras descubría la ciudad que iba a ser mi nuevo hogar el año pasado, saque unas fotos por aqui y por aca.  Hoy ven una foto que representa bien el ambiante que se siente en los diferentes barrios de Mérida.

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Have a lovely week-end!

41 commentaires sur “(tricked) Phoneography Challenge : my Neighborhood

  1. And that’s why I love Mexico! Those colors, those textures, nothing like them elsewhere! Beautiful.
    (I have a friend who recently bought a house in Merida and is spending her first winter there. She LOVES it. She’s a painter and her husband is a sculptor and they’re having a show in one of the galleries, but I don’t know which. Marina Epstein and Bruce I-forget-his-last-name, blush.)

    1. Thank you! you told me about your friend livig in Merida… I’d be glad to go and see her paintings! any ways you can find out where she exposes them? there are plenty of galleries here…

        1. I was only in Beijing in October 2010 (tale here : https://lespetitspasdejuls.wordpress.com/about/asie-juillet-a-novembre/china-the-one-who-had-a-misty-experience/) because my trip was cut short. mainly visited the capital’s temples and gardens, discovered food and billions of people living in the same place, and went twice to the Great Wall. Wish I had also seen Xian terracota army, hiked the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunan.. but it all remain on a dream list for later…
          Surely hope you’ll have a wonderful time there! Will enjoy reading you and seeing some more of your beautiful pictures when you’re back!

        1. we could leave on the 24th or the 25th! ahaha, we could have crossed paths at the airport! 😉 have a great time and I can’t wait to see your pictures!

  2. Stunning picture, whether it came from a phone or not! I still haven’t mastered the ping-backs, so I am unable to link to your post — but I do love it!

    1. thanks Nancy! I « master » pingbacks by adding manually the link to other blogs… obviously I can only do that with a few and not the whole lot… I don’t know how the others do… but thanks for thinking about it!


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