Weekly Photo Challenge : Happy!

This week challenge is a treat : Happy!

What makes me HAPPY : Raul, my godchildren, see my brother fly, diving, travelling, memories from a great time in Chile, Nature’s wonders…

With a great new lay-out for the gallery!  Sorry, I got a little carried away and couldn’t stop loading pictures!

😀  Be Happy everyone!  😀

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….  and the usual wide variety of interpretations! …

30 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : Happy!

    1. thank you! and the challenge was great because it allowed us to realize what it is all about, and put it right in front of our eyes! loved it! thanks for stopping by!

  1. j’apprécie beaucoup toutes ces belles photos ! elle me permette de « voyager » avec toi. et puis maintenant cela m’est plus facile de laisser un commentaire !!! Belle continuation ….

  2. You have captured and shared a wonderful array of special moments, people and places. I love the one of Machu Pichu (will eventually go there one day), ‘nature flow’ and the boots (‘hiking Chile’).

    1. Thank you !!! it was hard to choose… I actually didn’t really make any choice, many many things can make us happy and I’m happy to share them! Machu Picchu was definitely one of the highlights of my short life! Wish you a great happy moment there when you get there! Cheers!

  3. Stunning images. Love them all. The last one is especially lovely. Cheers. 🙂

    1. I chose the random setting for the gallery composition, it changes everytime you click on the article! how fun! thanks WordPress for the new application! And thank you for dropping by! Happy Week-end!


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