Weekly Photo Challenge : Mine

The challenge of the week : Mine.

I’m a traveller, I can’t live without my backpack.  This backpack is MINE and none other’s : I’ve spent hours sewing the different countries patches on it (countries I visited during my world trip in 2010) so I can always find it in a pile of bags or on the airport belt.  Easy to spot.  With it, I always carry my « sacred » book : « The Little Prince » by Antoine de Saint-Éxupéry.  Last but not least, one of my most precious belongings on the road, one I’ve experienced being robbed of and now know the true importance of : a piece of paper, indeed, but one absolutely needed, my passport.  I’m not selfish, though, I can totaly share the first two and will be happy to at anytime!


J’aime voyager, je ne peux donc pas vivre sans mon sac à dos.  Ce sac à dos, c’est le MIEN et celui de personne d’autre : d’ailleurs, il est bien reconnaissable aux nombreux drapeaux que j’y ai cousus au prix d’un grand nombre d’heures (drapeaux des pays que j’ai visités lors de mon tour du monde en 2010), de manière à pouvoir le retrouver toujours au milieu d’une pile de sacs ou sur les tapis des aéroports.  On l’aperçoit de loin.  Avec lui, j’emmène régulièrement mon livre « sacré » : un exemplaire du « Petit Prince » d’Antoine de Saint-Éxupéry.  Et enfin, mon bien le plus précieux une fois sur la route, un bien qu’on m’a volé une fois et dont j’apprécie donc l’importance doublement : un bout de papier, certes, mais un dont il est impossible de se défaire, mon passeport.  Je ne suis pas égoïste pour autant et partage volontiers les 2 premiers!  Quand vous voulez!


Soy mochilera, asi que no puedo vivir sin mi mochila.  Este mochila es la MIA y de nadie más : es muy fácil reconocerla por las varias banderas (de los países descubiertos durante la vuelta del mundo en 2010) que le cosí encima para siempre encontrarla en un montón de otras o al aeropuerto.  Se ve muy bien.  Con la mochila, me encanta llevar conmigo mi libro « sagrado, » « El Principito » de Antoine de Saint-Éxupéry.  Por fin, mi precioso, un objeto muy importante cuando estan viajando, uno que me robaron una vez entonces sé cuanto necesario es : nada más que un papel, pero uno sin qué no se puede ir lejos : mi pasaporte.  Sin embargo, no soy egoista y ¡comparto con mucho gusto los 2 primeros cuando quieren!

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43 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : Mine

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this picture and your article!

      Saint-Exupéry was the one sharing his own drawings of the boa eating the elephant and was inspired in real life by an island on the Valdés Peninsula, in Argentina. Follow the link here (https://lespetitspasdejuls.wordpress.com/about/amerique-du-sud-janvier-a-juin/argentina-the-one-who-looked-like-a-child-in-front-of-a-christmas-tree/) and you’ll see the Bird Island… It was an amazing sight and bizarre to think Saint-Ex was there once and saw what only him could see…

      Saint-Ex and his « Little Prince » are a wonderful source of inspiration; I understand that your son should feel that way too!!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, 2010 was full of surprises around the world, and I still have to sew new patches! 😉 I’ll be delighted to see more of your pictures, thanks for the link to your new blog!

  1. Such an « experienced » bag 🙂 And glad to know that Little Prince is your « bible ».

  2. I had my backpack for about 12 years. It finally died when the bottom canvas was worn through from the lazy dragging and the inside covering was disintergrating. The O ring for the shoulder strap broke from the overpacking. It is currently in storage because I am hoping I can somehow salvage the webbing for something else.

    1. I admire you! mine was brand new when I left 2 and 1/2 years ago, we’ve already been through 16 countries together, a few treks and around some more. the small one that goes with it needs a zipper change and holds the scar of the robbery it sustained 2 years ago but it still is worth taking around everywhere.
      our backpacks are a part of ourselves, that’s for sure!
      thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      Cheers to our faithful friends!

      1. Ahh, yes. The day pack that zips onto the front. I took mine on a 1 week fishing boat trip. 3 months later, the zips were badly corroded and the colour faded too much. I had to discard that one :-(. May your backpack get used for many years to come.

        My wife grew up with the Little Prince. There’s even a great meseum dedicated to it outside of Tokyo of all places.

        1. How fun! a museum on the Little Prince! If I ever get to Tokyo, I’ll make sure to visit it! I think that book is one of the most read ever, such a wonderful poetry…

    1. As I didn’t go to Canada during the world trip… it’s not on the bag… but since I still have some spare room on one side, I’ll soon (er… in fact, when I don’t feel lazy to sew again…) add previously visited countries as well!

  3. Compartiras tu mochila y el Principito con nosotros 😀 Que amable 🙂 No se hace falta querida, tengo mi libro aqui tambien :). Cette fois-ci j’ai decide de te lire en espanol…. que divertido… Gracias.

    1. Pues, si, si amigos necesitan un poco de espacio y que lo tengo en mi mochila, con mucho gusto lo comparto! y el libro, siempre lo quiero compartir porque me gusta un chingo!
      Me encanta que podemos hablar juntas en varios idiomas!


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